Wednesday, September 08, 2010

2010 First day of school


T’was the night before school starts
And all through the place,
Not a smile was seen
On any kid’s face.
Our bags were all stuffed
With our notebooks brand new,
And rulers and pencils
With erasers to chew.
Mournfully we
All crawled into bed,
Knowing too well
That the ‘good life’ was dead.
Then mom came in whistling
And kissed us goodnight,
With a bright cheery voice
That didn’t seem right.
The night dragged on slowly
I just couldn’t sleep,
For fear that my math teacher
Would be a real creep.
Or maybe a bully
Would give a shove,
Or even more evil things
Than I could think of.
When from in the next room
There arose such a clummer,
My mom yelled,”I’m FREE!”
“I’m free ‘til next summer!”
This must be a plot
By conspiring moms,
Who just want a break
To experience ‘calm.’
Oh, must I go through it?
How can I go on?
I want to escape
Run off to Saigon!
Nine months is too long
To suffer through school
The classes so rough
And teachers who’re cruel.
“Come Donald! Come Conner!
Come Henry VanStation!
Come up to the board,
Do your multiplication!”
“And Julie, stop talking!
And Jimmy, wake up!
And, Mary,right now,
Don’t do your makeup!”
Teachers ever are hounding
They just never quit.
You do something wrong,
They go into a fit.
And so every year
About this same time,
I lie in bed sleepless
And just moan and whine.
Until morning comes,
And I hear my mom say,
“Good luck with your school!
And have a nice day!

The kids left for school.  Both of them are high schoolers now.  #2 daughter will come home and talk my ear off at least until her brother comes home at 6 PM.  He has football practice after school and takes the late bus.  He never has much to say so you have to question him to get anything out of him.  Of course it is now dinner time and his lunch was at 11:00 so he is starving. Needless to say you get head shakes as he shovels food in.  But it never fails...I will get to a difficult part in a pattern or a vital part in a movie/book and all of a sudden he remembers all this good stuff that happened to him that day.

Ahhhh, I miss them already and I only have a couple of more years of this before they are gone.  All that beig said, I am going to go have my second cup of coffee and enjoy the momentary quiet.

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Linda said...

Loved your poem! Yes, enjoy while you can...remember, Christmas is right around the corner...they'll soon be home for 2(?) weeks!! Ahh, I remember those days all to well. And yes, Judy, an enabler is always good! hehehe. "Spring" is looking like the winner. Especially since I just found another wool festival at the end of Sept in MI!! Have a great enjoyable, relaxing day!