Saturday, October 03, 2009

More Vege Tales

Plant a radish, get a radish, never any doubt. That's why I love vegetables, you know what they're about! ~Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

Wednesday a friend's husband came over and we took the 90 pounds of cabbage, shredded it and salted it. In a couple of weeks there will be fresh pork and sauerkraut for dinner. I can't wait.

Friday I took those same friends to the farmers market. They loved it and went home with quite the haul. I didn't do too badly either...I grabbed some eggplant for my SIL, some cauliflower for the friend that got the broccoli and some dehydrated mushrooms for the man. I also got two squash, a 8 pound Long Island Cheese and a 13 pound Fairytale Musquee de Provence. The LI Cheese I love and is usually what we use for pie.
The Fairytale is new to me, but so far I like it. The seed cavity is about equal to the LI but the flesh is a much deeper orange, a little stringier and drier. I am told they are a little sweeter. They are presently processing. We also bought some red cabbage which I am going to learn how to can as sweet and sour cabbage at her house on Tuesday.

Last night I tried canning meat for the first time. I asked on a canning forum if I could can venison that was previously frozen. They said I could, so I tried it. If the family likes it than I will can any venison we get this year as it will open up freezer space.

Remember when I canned beets the other day...well you know that I had to dye something even though I read it doesn't hold well. Here are the results....white and gray wool roving. Then because I was in dye mode I got out the acid dyes and dripped it here and there for this roving...In knitting, I finished another stocking. My original idea was to do the heel and to in green. Then I grabbed the wrong green and it was heavier than the red so I decided to not do the toe green. I should have turned the heel in green...oh well, I am only human. I am thinking of trying to add a tree on the leg. I added the little "patch" but it needs something more.
And keeping things interesting around here...Thursday night I took the man to the hospital ER. He had a little mark on his wrist Tuesday night. He said it was hurting and thought there was a splinter of wood/metal in it. I checked and some puss came out but no wood/metal. We cleaned it and put drawing salve on it.

Wednesday when he came home from work, his wrist was swollen. I said maybe it is a spider bite and suggested a doctor but manly men know so much more. By Thursday night his hand was swollen and his arm hurt almost up to his elbow. Pain does wonders, it motivated him to go see what was wrong. The ER doctor wasn't sure if it was a spider bite but told him drawing salve was "witchdoctor medicine"! The Dr. gave him Keflex and an antibiotic ointment to put on the sore. Last night his arm was throbbing and he went to bed early. He just came home from a 1/2 day of work and the sore is very infected. I think he should go back to the ER. He has to help a friend and said he would go tonight! WTF! They would totally understand.
And then, coming in from work behind the man was #1 son. He needed me to take pictures of this... his 2009 Dodge Ram that met a deer on the way to work. I had to call the nearest Dodge dealer and send him on his way to get an estimate. What makes my family...well actually the men, think I need all this excitement?


cyndy said...

The men in your life must think you do such a good job at handling things-- that they are giving you some extras?!

Thanks for the punkin seeds..I hope they will be "true enough"...

And also, thanks for coming to the rescue of my knitting emergency--I have 4 inches on the needles already!

Tam said...

Men! I think they fall into the same category as kids! sometimes.
Seriously though whatever is happening with your hubby I hope heals up soon and that truck "heals" soon too! Hang in there Judy!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm playing catch-up as I haven't been on the computer much over the last week. But I've read three posts, and no update on how hubby is??? That sore on his wrist or whatever, sounded really nasty. Has the infection cleared? Is he feeling better? I certainly hope so.