Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"When the number of factors coming into play in a phenomenological complex is too large scientific method in most cases fails. One need only think of the weather, in which case the prediction even for a few days ahead is impossible." ~Albert Einstein

The weatherman foretells of cold weather and dare I say the word...*SNOW* for tomorrow. He says cold temperatures for the weekend. Now, for all intents and purposes I don't care if it does snow tomorrow so long as it doesn't snow on the weekend. The guys are going back to the Pulaski area for more salmon fishing. #1 and Sir T are driving up from Philly. I don't want them driving on slushy roads and I don't want to miss out on Rheinbeck. I have not be able to go in several years so I am looking forward to this diversion from normal duties.
We got our first freeze on Monday and are suppose to get snow on Thursday! Things are moving much to quickly for my body to adjust. I succumbed and fires are a nightly ritual now. The geese didn't even have time to adjust. It was so cold, Monday morning they decided to tuck their wings in tight to keep themselves warm and float south!
In other news, my pullets are laying. Yeah, I know about time and everyone else's already were. The pullets were in a small coop without nesting boxes. Well, the man finally finished the addition on the hens coop and all of the pullets were moved in there. Now that they have the use of the hens nesting boxes they are not hiding their nests around the yard and I am able to get the eggs.

I did a craft fair this weekend. I was worried about the weather but it was beautiful. I spun a full bobbin while there and made some money. #1 and Sir T tell me I should charge more but I don't do it to pay my bills, I wouldn't be able to. I just sell extra's. I sold enough to buy 5 of us dinner and a trip to Home Depot for some molding, stain and poly.

The man took today off so we can finish (hahaha) the fall chores before the snow flies. The pigs go to butcher Sunday night. Tuesday, the man scheduled the day off, to go get the meat from the butcher needed to make liverwurst and zwiebelwurst. A friend is going to show us how to make maybe a one time experience depending on the grossness scale! In exchange for his tutelage, he gets the heads for headcheese. Now THAT I have no interest in viewing/learning.

And NOW the man is ready to motivate so motivate I must....and to think I use to miss him when he went to work!


j said...
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j said...

Yay!!! SNOW!! :)

Fyi, Christmas is only 71 days away! :D

cyndy said...

We escaped the freeze, but have started the stove.

Hope the guys don't get snow for the trip!

I still have brussel sprouts, carrots, turnips and beets and broccoli in the garden...IT BETTER NOT SNOW!

finnsheep said...

They just said up to 12" in western PA - - up to 4" here. Yuck.

Sandie Knapp said...

I'm just happy we didn't get as much snow as they were predicting for my area. And I have to admit, the next morning, it was really pretty. I was also happy that by noon, most of it had all melted away. I am looking forward to the warmer weather coming this week. I'm planning to do that final lawn mowing, and then the mower is being put up for the Winter. Good luck with your hens. :)