Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts

The mellow Moon,
The changing leaves,
The earlier setting Sun,
Proclaim at last, my merry boys,
The harvesttime begun.
~Charles G. Eastman (1816–60)

The farmer's market was quite the success. I bought 20 pounds of broccoli for $8, 26 pounds of beets for $12 and 33 heads (90 pounds) cabbage for $20. I picked up 4 large leek for $3.

The broccoli went to one friend, the beets I split with another friend, the cabbage will become sauerkraut tonight and the leek, with our potatoes was dinner last night-potato leek soup. Yesterday was a soup day as it was windy and cool, so it was perfect.
The pears I got from my friend, became pear bread and tutti-fruity jam. As the rest of the pears ripen I will be making more of the bread and freezing it for snacks.
My share of the beets became 13 pints of canned beets, some sliced and some whole. The shelves are getting pretty full, which I love. I love it even more in winter. At some point I have to put all the info on what I canned together. It lets me know what I have to change/grow from year to year as we try new things. This year I had to buy most of my tomatoes due to blight, but the cucumbers and peppers were awesome. And speaking of peppers I was able to pawn mine off on someone else!
So it was a good day. The wind made it perfect for line drying clothes. The tricky part is getting to the line without getting hit in the head with a hicklory nut. I have a squirrel that sits in the canopy chewing off the husks and dropping them down on everyone. A cat had him in his clutches the other day and I rescued him, you would think he would be more appreciative!
And here is a picture of another nut. My son came home from football practice like this! The "friend" that did it to him was no barber and we had to shave spots here and there as he/football buddies have decided they are going to keep it for a while. Thankfully he has a decent shaped head! As long as the school doesn't have a problem with it, I don't. It is funny watching them change - in the beginning of the year he had long ringlets, he let his sister cut his hair to a presentable level for formal and now the mohawk! They keep it interesting.


cyndy said...

Your shelves look well stocked for the winter!

You son looks, well, "stoked" for the football games!

I'd throw the nuts right back at the squirrel! How dare he!

Tam said...

Kids!! I think the hair cut is pretty kewl though!
Nice well stocked shelves Judy!

Anonymous said...

If I run out of something, now I know where to come! hahaha Your canned goods look wonderful, and they will serve you well for a long time to come.

I really give you credit for keeping your "cool." If one of my sons would have done that to their hair, I would have survived, but I would also have cried my eyes out. But you are right, there is really no harm done, it grows back, and yes, they do keep things interesting!! :)