Monday, October 19, 2009

Rhinebeck 2009

The cider mug simmered slow,
The apples sputtered in a row,
And close at hand the basket stood,
With nuts of brown October's wood.
–John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–92)

I planned a fishing trip for husband and crew on the very weekend that I wanted to go to Rhinebeck and he is my driver. I wanted to buy a pair of combs. I looked on the internet and found ones a friend of mine had so I just ordered them.
Then friends came to the rescue and offered to drive so #1 daughter and met up with M & D and went to Rhinebeck. Now D went to Endless Mt. It was her first fiber festival...she is fairly new to the spinning part. She came home and had already made up her mind to buy a 2nd wheel that Grace had for sale. Her husband is much like mine...very understanding. Which is good because she came home with a carder this time. She was eyeing the electric but ended up with a Strauch Petite with the brush. Otto didn't want to give up his demo so sent us down to another vendor that had one in stock. Funny part is D had brought her credit card but then left it in the car so she would behave. She ended up writing a check instead!!!
M was the only one not enticed by the fumes of wool and sheep. She said she has enough wool roving, wheels, carders and yarn and really didn't need anything....The girl either has willpower. She bought some Jacob roving and a rug punch.
Now #1 went with us spur of the moment. Towards the end I saw some beautiful mohair but decided not to get it as I wasn't going to buy anything but then ended up with wine, jerky, dips,a Shetland lamb fleece and rug punch. So #1 went back and asked to purchase it with her credit card but they didn't accept credit cards. #1 asked them if they knew where the closest ATM was located. They bagged up the yarn and said just give us your name and phone number and mail us a check later!
I was amazed. So I am the happy owner of 1000 yards of brushed mohair in September (#1's birth month!) colorway from Kid Hollow Farm. It is gorgeous and the pictures just don't do the colors justice. I have to do a search for something suitable to make from it. #1's instructions were to make something for myself so that might have to be put on a back burner until January.
I did make these for myself out of the roving I dyed and then spun. Of course, I forgot to take them to Rhinebeck!

In other news....The guys came home empty handed. The pigs went off to the butcher. I picked up two egg crates of de-husked black walnuts for black walnut brittle. Monster child (my nephew) found a chicken nest with a dozen eggs, so now I know where to look.
Yesterday I got an email about the combs I ordered...back ordered 6-8 months! It will be Spring and I hopefully will be able to visit family and go to MD S&W!!!
We are suppose to make liverwurst today but it has been postponed until tomorrow....#2 son has a doctors appointment I forgot about. Have you noticed I have been doing that alot lately?!


Tam said...

Sounds like you had a great time and found some great stuff! Thanks for sharing. Love the roving

Anonymous said...

That bites, having to wait so long for a set of combs. Glad you had fun at Rhinebeck. Love the roving you bought too. Gorgeous!! :)