Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snout to tail

"snout to tail, everything but the squeal

Another week has gone by so quickly. Monday I had a funeral to attend, Tuesday I spent at the Doctors with #2 son and his yearly physical. He failed the eye test miserably and now we have an eye doctor appointment. After dropping him off at school there was shopping to do.

Wednesday, I went over my friends and they taught me how to make liverwurst. Thursdaymorning, I helped get everything cooked and ready for the next day. Thursday afternoon was spent cheering #2 son and team on.Friday I helped my friends make the headcheese. OMG I should have run when they started the headcheese but stupid me figured that if someone was willing to teach me to do something I should hang around and help them do their thing. The liverwurst was delicious but the headcheese will never cross my lips. The smell of it being poured into the pans was horrendous. I have driven by roadkill that smelled better than this food that one is to consume.
Friday evening, I blanched and froze 16 pounds of broccoli. Saturday it rained. While the man was at work, I froze 4 1/2 gallon bags of sliced apples. It was a nice mix and should make some awesome pies, cakes and crisps this winter. When the man came home we worked on organizing the basement....Is this futile? I am storing things for the older kids, keeping momento's for all the kids. Somebody brings in more and it gets piled until there is time to do it. I have piles of stuff for friends, salvation army, library etc. I foresee doing this many times in the future.

Sunday, was more of the same. Late afternoon, I lost hours looking thru some of my mother's knitting and crochet books. Some of the pamphlets are from the 50's. I found the original Hemlock Ring doily in one of them. Looking thru them is like looking at a timeline of my mother's life. She crocheted first, doing doilies and then bedspreads with cotton thread. She moved on to afghans, baby sets and sweaters. Then came knitting small things like cabbage patch kids clothes when #1 daughter was into them and clothes for us and the grandkids. In looking thru totes I found the vests she had made the kids with animal heads on the front and tails on the back. To this I added the afghans she made for each one of my kids to give to their first child. My SIL has the same for her kids. The christening set she made is also packed away for use by future generations.

Monday was spent putting everything where it should go. I put away the canning equipment as all I have left to can is sauerkraut which wont be done for a couple of weeks. I have been working with it/around it for months and although I love the product, I am getting tired of it. I do believe this is the latest in the season I have ever canned. Mom and I were usually done by September.

I also put all the seeds away that were taking up space on all available flat surfaces. Then I got into cleaning...I started putting Liquid Gold on all the woodwork and doing the windows...The holidays are getting near....30 days until Thanksgiving when I am due to get a house full and Christmas is only 58 days away.
Now it is back to work. Next time I will show you a picture of a post-Rhinebeck present I received.

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cyndy said...

You have been so busy, and productive! I miss seeing you!

Good that the shelves are stocked with the fruits of your labor!