Saturday, July 26, 2008

The tides are turning.

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going my way
~ lyric by Oscar Hammerstein II

Early yesterday you would NOT have heard me singing that song or any other for that matter. It started with the ex calling to say he was waiting for the garage to open before he could come pick up the kids. We are still waiting on him.

Then the man went to see the building inspector because he hasn't returned our phone calls...the inspector said we used R38 instead of R38C and said we might have to tear it down. Of course they approved our plans which stated R38 insulation.

We were still waiting to hear from the store manager about the drywall.

My SIL had a migraine and told her kids to go play so they were here all day leaving the door open so the dog kept getting out.

It was just one of those days and I said " I am going to spinning, I need to get away." So #2 daughter and I got out of Dodge and had a relaxing time. I really needed it before I just struck a match and lit the dang house on fire.
Three hours later we came home and .....

SIL had gone to work and brother wanted his kids home to eat.

The inspector had called and we don't have to tear the insulation down.

The store called and the drywall will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday. We don't have to pay the new (double) price but we lost the 10% discount. I can live with that.

AND THEN as if things could get any better, the man had gone to my grandparents house.
Nobody has lived in their house since the 70's. There is a built in hutch that I wanted and an enamel double bowl sink with a sliding drainboard. My mother told me I could have them so the man had gone and picked them up. He had even hung drywall and shoved the cabinet into place in the new house. It will have to be moved so we can spackle and paint but boy did it look good there. It needs a good cleaning but I love it. If you pull out the drawers there is a spot to hide money, papers etc. But then I found that it was signed...My great grandfather built this in 1931, which makes it even better.
I didn't get a picture of the sink but it looks like this picture I got off the internet except the faucet is on the top and not on the back of the unit. I love the two different size sinks and it has a sliding drainboard so you can put all the dirty dishes in the deep side and slide the drainboard over it if company is coming! Yes I would do that if someone was knocking at the door and you would too!It was on a Youngstown metal cabinet unit. I don't want the cabinet as I want a curtain in the front so the man needs to build a support for it.
After dinner I left #2 son (who did test positive for Lyme's) to do the dishes while #2 daughter and I went to visit friends. When I got home I was informed we are meeting #1 daughter and Sir T today to go fishing. So I need to go cook some vittles for a picnic and then go pick up the beer. I hope you all have a beautiful day.


cyndy said...

Wonderful that things are fitting into place for you! (Esp the cabinet!) It sure looks beautiful! Love the signature, and the best part, the hiDEhole!!

Sis said...

Sis--So glad you found the rainbow among all those storm clouds. Yipee!

Sounds like things are falling into place.

Hugs to all.