Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't Be Rash

A smart mother makes often a better diagnosis than a poor doctor. ~August Bier

I guess I am a dumb mother because when my son complained of a rash near his underarm I blew it off. Because of the heat I told him it was probably heat rash. About this same time I noticed that his allergies were picking up and I thought it was because I was cutting the field and he was mowing the lawns. I told him he had to start taking his medication to control it.

Today was hot again and he came in complaining of a headache. I told him to go in the pool and just cool off and if that didn't work we would get him a Tylenol. Then while I was slathering his back with sunblock I got a good look at the rash and thought there is no way he can get a rash that far back so I had him pick up his arm and saw a "bullseye" pattern. I have taken ticks off his right shoulder and his left chest but we all must of missed that one.

So tomorrow if we can get our ducks in a row....the man will be taking #2 son to be tested for Lyme Disease (and check his ear which he now says is hurting also) and I will be taking my uncle for cataract surgery. My uncles quality of life will improve so much with this surgery so he is very excited. They are doing the right eye tomorrow and we will be returning for surgery on the left. I had to take over doing his medications as he was unable to read the bottles. And hopefully the large magnifing glass he carries around will be a thing of the past.
So two patients, two doctors, two drivers and hopefully two good results. Wish us luck!

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cyndy said...

Classic presentation...get the antibiotics...

hang in are not a dumb mother..there are parasites in the world, and boys cannot live in a bubble.

keeping all of you in my heart, hoping all works out well...

see you in a few days...I'll try to phone you...