Monday, July 28, 2008

Blackberry Season Has Begun

The Song ofthe Blackberry Fairy
My berries cluster black and thick
For rich and poor alike to pick.
I'll tear your dress, and cling, and tease,
And scratch your hands and arms and knees.
I'll stain your fingers and your face
And then I'll laugh at your disgrace.
But when the bramble-jelly's made
You'll find your trouble well repaid.

We went for a walk around the "back 40" early this morning and saw that the wild blackberries needed picking. We sent the kids to pick some of the thornless variety while the man and I picked the wild ones with all their thorns. The difference in size is amazing. It took the man and I alot longer to fill our buckets.But after what seemed like hours of pain, we crawled out scarred and bleeding. I decided to use the scale #1 daughter bought me for Xmas to see just how much we picked and was amazed when it came out to 14 pounds!!!! Not bad for a mornings picking.
We decided to try this recipe for Blackberry Pie Filling since we used frozen berries from last year to make jam earlier in the spring. The canner holds 7 quarts so we used 35 cups of berries and Mom and Uncle will eat the rest after dinner tonight. It went quickly and we cleaned up while it was in the hot water bath. There was a little bit that didn't make it into a jar and we all taste tested it and announced the recipe to be a keeper. I thought it would be tarter because you use alot more sugar to make jam but it is perfect. Mom thinks we should test how it sets up in a pie, so she is baking one tomorrow...who am I to argue with my elders!!! With the next picking we will make pint jars to be used over cheesecake, ice cream, pound cake or even pancakes. I also want to make cordial again this year and if there is enough maybe try making wine again. I do think my trouble is well repaid.

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cyndy said...

Nice Work Everyone! beat the birds to the harvest!

...i'll have my share on pancakes please ;-p