Monday, July 07, 2008

The Long Weekend

"That beautiful season the Summer!
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thursday we took these did a little of this, some of this and this and ended up with this. AKA Yummy... 10 jars/7 pints currant jelly. Did you get all that sis? The blackberries are loaded and should be ready for your visit!!! Guess what you will be doing!!!!!
Friday we started Independence Day with a good ole small town parade, which #2 son participated in as a newly ranked second class Boy Scout. Then while the man worked on the house I was making salads and dip to take to a friends house for a BBQ before our town fireworks. Her house sits right across the river from the fireworks-great view. Saturday dawned and we had plans with #1 Daughter and Sir T. They said they would be here by 10 and I thought they were joking…they were not. With some delays we finally got to the lake and just got set up when two nice state park rangers came to visit. Unbeknownst to us we were not to set up a picnic area there. I guess the presence of a picnic table gave us the wrong idea. They were very nice and let us continue with our festivities. After filling our gut with some good eats the guys got ready to go fishing.Well do you see them paddling to get back? Poor Sir T, I don't think that this was in his plans for the day!The algae in the lake was more than the little trolling motor could take and obviously they did not have an oar. They were lucky to get back to where we were. Thank God for the wind! Due to the earlier delays which put them fishing on the lake at the hottest time of the day and the motor clogging flora, there were no fish caught at this time.

After breaking "camp" we went around to the other side of the lake for some nature seeing
and then came home to drop the boat off. We next headed out for the “secret place” for some more fishing. Not to besmirch their fishing skills but I am glad there is some great scenery as I was not using the camera to take pictures of anything they caught unless you call this a catch! Around 8 PM we headed up the mountain for some more fireworks. We were literally right under the fireworks. It was awesome! The colors, the sounds reverberating between the mountains…and for the first time I filled the card in the camera so I was unable to film the finale. By the time we got home it was after 10 and everyone was more than ready for bed.

It was an amazing day but beyond the hoopla there were two things that I want to remember. The first is that #1 daughter made a dessert(the flag cake). When she pulled it out I started to laugh because #2 was in the kitchen right then making a flag cake. I didn't realize that #1's was something I use to make - (graham crackers layered with pudding/cool whip topped with cool whip and fruit) I could not believe she had remembered as I had totally forgot about that but will have to start making it again as it was delicious. #2's flag cake was brownies with cool whip because she knows #1 likes brownies.

The second thing is that #1 bought Sir T to the "McMansion". The McMansion being the 23 foot travel trailer that has become home while we finish the house. The fact that it has saved us money in rent and allows us to live here and work on the house whenever and that the house is mortgage free means nothing when you want to bring your bf to meet the parents. So we have met at other places but she has never brought Sir T "home". It meant a lot that she finally did it. We are honest, what you see is what you get people which is not always pretty. Sir T got a tour of the house and made a big mistake when he said he would help! I wonder if he knows how to drywall! I would agree to have masks and Yuengling on hand if he did.

Sunday found most of us awakening with a headache from the previous days activities. I downloaded all the pictures and sent some to #1 of her and her man. Shortly there after it was off to take one of the lambs to the butcher. We stopped at Wal-mart for a new keyboard as the old one took a coffee bath and did not enjoy it and then it was back home. The man went to work on the house while I did laundry and worked in the gardens a little. The man finished the inspectors punch list and is hoping to get them back out here today.

The kids and I have another day of enormous plans...we get to pick potato bugs (boy doesn’t that just sound soooo exciting?) Didn't I say it wasn't always pretty?!

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