Thursday, July 17, 2008

Speeding Along

"Just remember, once you're over
the hill you begin to pick up speed."
~ Charles Schultz

Since I was literally going down a hill, I wonder if I can use that as a defense? That isn't how you interpret that? Work with me people because yesterday while taking my uncle to the VA clinic in NY for some lab work I got my first speeding ticket! As I didn’t know where I was going I was just going with the flow of traffic…seems traffic was moving faster than allowed. I was the last car in the line so I got a ticket for going 47 in a 30. I have to send a form in and tell them how I pled and they mail me a bill or a court date. Since ignorance of the law is not a defense I will be pleading guilty. From looking on the net….there is a $55 DMV surcharge and for 11-30 miles over the limit the fine will be from $90 to $300 and 4 points to my license. Crime doesn’t pay. The man thinks it is funny because I always tell him to slow down....kinda ironic huh?

My vehicle is not the only thing speeding up around here. We passed the electrical inspection and the insulation installation has already begun. The man has all of next week off for vacation, so if the insulation inspection is done by Monday (cross your fingers) we will have the week to hang drywall. I have to keep reminding myself I have waited a long long long long long long time for this so I need to have some patience now that the end of the tunnel is in sight. I can hear my mother “Patience is a virtue”….bah humbug I am a speeder remember?

We have a field by the house that I usually mow to keep the snakes and ticks at bay. With the price of hay I decided to let it grow as it is all birds foot trefoil, clover, timothy, alfalfa and rye. I figured I would put it in loose, if nothing else I would use it as bedding. We have a walk behind sickle bar mower that I was suppose to use…it didn’t start….so I got out the weed whacker and cut about ¼ acre with that. Then I ran out of twine and was unable to get the knob off to put string on so I borrowed my mother’s. I killed that one also, I think it is a clogged fuel line or filter (do they have filters?) The scythe disappeared so out comes the swing blade, much quieter and no parts to break…my kind of tool. Having tools that I can’t get to run is one of my pet peeves. Needless to say no spinning or knitting got done that night as my arms felt like rubber. No speeding here but I did get another ¼ acre done and only have another ½ acre to go.

We picked enough black raspberries to make two batches of jam. Since there were still more berries and currants, I kept picking and we froze both to make black raspberry/apple and apple/currant jelly when the apples are ripe. I am still picking broccoli but nothing like last year. The tomatoes in the large garden are nothing to rave about although I have picked some.I picked the first pepper. the cucumbers are blooming, the cabbage heading up and the beans just starting to bud. Soon we will be tied to the stove.

Cooper will be 16 weeks old this weekend and is definitely growing into his paws.He is stubborn but I found the key to making him listen…a deep inhale and he starts paying attention quickly. It works better than treats. Every night the neighbors dog and him have play time and he comes home exhausted.
The kids just found out they are not going on a two week vacation with the ex but a friend gave me an 18 foot ring pool that is 4 foot deep which has helped ease their pain. They no longer have to wait for me to go down to the river so they are in the water from sun up to sun down. Oddly enough the pool works on the kids the same way the deep inhale works on the dog! Chores get done quickly now instead of drug out all day.

So today I will be speeding into town for shopping and feed for the animals. It is suppose to be 90 so I think I will slow down for a dip in the pool later today too.


cyndy said...

Oh mY sorry to hear about your speeding ticket! At least you were wearing your seatbelt (right??)

I once got one...years ago...rushing down the highway to find a rest area...speeding because you have to pee does not work as a defense either......

so glad to hear things are moving along on the house...

SIs said...

Sis I have to say I am proud. I am not the only lead foot in the family. You know it is hereditary. Fortunately, the speeding tickets in PR were a joke at the time and I was doing 65 in a 35 coming off a straight ramp and got $15 ticket. It was my first but probably not my last. I love speed. HUGS TO ALL Will call soon.

finnsheep said...

Congrats on the house moving along so swiftly!!! It is very satisfying work - - but hard in this heat!