Sunday, March 09, 2008

We are Grand-baaaa-rents!!!

Last night it looked like one of our ewes had dropped but she ate and didn't show any signs of labor. We went up late last night and nothing. We go up this AM expecting something and nothing. Then right before we left to go to town to buy a fridge we decided to go check again and found her with three little lambs....
The most aggressive one is a little ram lamb (all white but with brown skin on his ears) The next one is a little ewe and she is black!!!! {Happy Dance!!!} The man wants to call her Toupee because she looks like this....And the last little one is another ewe and we ended up bringing her down hereas she wasn't able to stand. Mom had walked away and was taking care of the other two and this one was rolling on her back. We dried her off and layed her in front of mom. Mom licked her a couple of times but then went back to the other two. We mixed up some colostrum and feed her and got her to stop shaking and now she is frisky and can get up on her own. Hopefully Mom will take her back, if not we won't be sleeping much. The other two nursed and had layed down when we came home.

We have one more to go and that is way more than I think I can handle. I don't know how people have lots of lambs each year as I am a wreck and it is more than first time jitters. Sorry for the rotten pics I will get more you can be sure. I almost didn't think I would get these up as blogger was being a pain the the butt. Off to admire the baby.


cyndy said...


They are all soooo sweet!

Well done momma, and well done grandbaaaarents!! So glad all went well!!

Sandie Knapp said...

I just found your message about the lambs being born. Gmail had it in my spam folder. Bad Gmail!!

The lambs are adorable, and I think your Toupee is the cutest thing too. Lambs are just too cute. And they stay cute for a nice bit of time too. Enjoy them. Sorry Mom was too preoccupied with the other two to care for her smallest one, but that probably happens fairly often when they have so many. I guess it's a good thing she didn't drop 4 lambs, eh? haha :)