Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Praise be for Sheep

The Sheep by Ellis Parker Butler

The Sheep adorns the landscape rural
And is both singular and plural—
It gives grammarians the creeps
To hear one say, “A flock of sheeps.”

The Sheep is gentle, meek and mild,
And led in herds by man or child—
Being less savage than the rabbit,
Sheep are gregarious by habit.

The Sheep grows wool and thus promotes
The making of vests, pants and coats—
Vests, pants and coats and woolen cloths
Provide good food for hungry moths.

With vegetables added to
The Sheep, we get our mutton stew—
Experiments long since revealed
The Sheep should first be killed and peeled.

Thus, with our debt to them so deep,
All men should cry “Praise be for Sheep!”—
And, if we happen to be shepherds,
“Praise be they’re not as fierce as leopards!"

More pics of the lambs. This it the man who doesn't have a name yet. In this pic you can see his ears with the brown skin. He also has a little black around his eyes so looks like he has makeup on...Maybe Tippy (as the tip of his ear is brown) or MJ (for Michael J with the permanent eyeliner) compared to his sister's he is shy.
This of course is Toupee. Isn't she adorable? I am so happy with her as I really wanted a black lamb. Look at her ears. She has so much more hair/fur/wool on them than her white brother and sister.
And this is the bottle baby. Seeing as how they are Finn sheep her name had to be Finnish but she looks like an elf, so an elf name would have been good too. So #2 Daughter picked Aila which is both Finnish and Elfish. The last 1/2 inch of the tip of her pointy ears goes back which is what makes her look elfish.

And you may think that I have been doing nothing but staring at these gals and guy...but you would be wrong. I sewed the 4 tri's together and made a bag which I felted. Oddly one small section on the front didn't felt so I have to felt it by hand. I also finished the rug. It is approximately 2 feet by 4 feet. It is gray with whatever color came to hand so I am going to over dye it...hopefully today. I started a round one thinking I would make a pad for two rocking chairs that I have but I kept going so it will be a round rug and will also end up being over dyed when I finish. The socks are getting a little attention and will get more tomorrow when I take Mom to her hair appointment. And I started a pair of Pocketbook Slippers to show a friend who saw a picture of them but couldn't understand how they fit. I have 1/2 of the first one done.

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cyndy said...

I vote for "Tippy"...it sounds like a good name for a shy one...(like tippy toe)...

they are all little sweet ones!

I would not blame you for doing nothing but stare~ they are adorable!