Monday, March 03, 2008

Meeting the BF

“How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way."

Friday we went out to dinner with #1 daughter and her boyfriend. They have been going out for a year but only get to see each other on weekends. This was the first time we met him but having listened to him interact with her over the phone so I already knew I liked him. He makes her happy and that is all I care about. He is a lucky guy to be with her, if I might say so! At first she comes off very shy, but then she shows her thorny side, but if you stay around you find out what a beautiful rose is hidden behind that thorny armor. Just another example of good things come to those who wait.
He has eaten alot of our canned goods and has offered to help in the garden and to make salsa a favorite of his...Sucker!!! If he has the time I will definitely take him up on it and teach them how to make it themselves. Another point in his favor is he thinks she "sings like an angel"! My uncle, mom, #1 and I have a thing where for no reason we start singing. Or if we hear a word or phrase we sing a song that has that word or phrase. None of us can sing a lick so it takes someone with stamina (aka deaf) to put up with these burst of vocal disharmony! Here is an example...While taking a Sunday walk with #2 daughter, I saw this...
Innocent enough right? Well to me it looked like an arrow, which led to thinking of Cupid which subsequently led to me belting out an awful rendition of one of Bon Jovi's songs...

"Shot through the heart, and your to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name
You give love a bad name"

Oh well I never said we were sane, I just said we sang bad! But back to dinner with the bf. It had started snowing as were leaving for the hour drive, but they were only calling for 1-2 inches and we took the truck so we felt secure. About mid way I was thinking we shouldn’t have come but then once we got into the “city” it was fine. On the ride home we were going over a bridge that was taking us from one interstate road to another when a Jeep in front of us lost control. It spun around and was coming at us. I grabbed for the oh shit handle and waited for impact as the man hit the ice and he started to do some sliding. And then while trying to move out of the way of the Jeep and get control of the truck, comes the air horn of an 18 wheeler behind us that now hit the same patch of ice. The oh shit handle now became the oh f*ck handle quickly! But by some miracle of God the truck gained traction went around the Jeep, maneuvered to the side of the road allowing the 18 wheeler to go by without incident. The rest of the ride was uneventful but I was soooooo happy to be home. The next day when we were talking about it the man asked if I knew how close the 18 wheeler was and I said no. He said he could not have walked sideways between our vehicles, which means inches. Had I known that when it was happening I would have lost my dinner.
Saturday I got back 4.5 pounds of wool that I had washed and sent out to be made into roving. It is suppose to be fairly nice today so I might have to go outside and sit and spin. I have been doing some weaving on the tri-loom. I have 3 - 3 foot tri’s done. I plan to finish a fourth, sew them together, add a handle and felt them into a bag….or at least that is the plan!

The Ice Queen is now finished and blocked. I was going to start on the Selbuvotter mittens but need sometime to do a braindead knit before tackling them. The yarn is Arequipa in the Storm colorway from Ball and Skein and is absolutely gorgeous. The beads I used were 6/0 Czech glass beads called Black Diamond. The last pic shows the beaded picot I did. These photo's stink and don't do justice to the yarn.

I have a ton of fiber ideas but don't have the ambition to start right now. I was walking thru the house and thought about knitting or crocheting valances for the windows. I like alot of light so for me valances are enough, plus I really only have to worry about peeping deer or skunks. I found some patterns but didn't like them for one reason or another so I have to look at some stitch pattern books and just go from there. When I mentioned knitting socks for #1 daughter she didn't say she still wanted a pair so I am on hold so far as them. I was thinking maybe rug or afghan but unsure if I wanted to do such large projects right now....spring is coming and I am getting discontent just sitting and knitting. I want to be planting! So for now I will finish the tri project and maybe spin for a while and then come back to kniting.

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cyndy said...

The Ice Queen really looks beautiful, and I'm so glad that you decided to do the beaded edge!

Also glad you are here to tell the tale ---close call on the highway!
Glad spring is coming and the ice is melting!