Monday, March 24, 2008

The decent thing to do.

“Morals are private. Decency is public.” - Rita Mae Brown

morality - a code of conduct held to be authoritative in matters of right and wrong, whether by society, philosophy, religion, or individual conscience.

decency - correct or appropriate behavior OR the quality of being polite and respectable

Things happened this weekend that have just made me sit with the deer in the headlights look on my face. There are days when you can let people's ignorance slide, giving them the benefit of the doubt but then there are days you just have to admit there are some a**holes in the world and hope that you don't allow yourself to be like them.

Saturday we went to the feed store and then drove around the corner to a grocery store so I could pick up a 5# bag of flour and a gallon of milk.

As we were exiting the store a S10 pickup tried to turn left into a parking space and hits the whole drivers side of a Buick Regal. The man reversed and then proceeded to turn into the parking spot. Parked directly in front of the S10 were two women loading their Caravan. They stopped for a second when they heard the noise and then quickly went back to their loading.

The man gets out of the S10 walks over and looks at the car and goes inside. Now I am expecting someone like the manager to come out with this man to address the situation. Nobody comes out. One of the women walks by and looks at the damage while taking the cart back to the store and I think she might go in and let someone know....she doesn't. She gets in her vehicle and drives away. We are parked nose to nose with the Regal so as we walk by we look for damage.....he creased the whole driver's side door! While I unload (I always forget to not take the man into the grocery store as it gets pricy) husband goes in to talk to the manager. They walk out together and the manager says he knows the owner of the S10 and laughs that the S10 owner actually had the audacity to still park next to it, but says he will take care of it.

So to start at the begining...Why could the S10 owner not own up to his mistake? Why would neither of the woman go into the store and right this wrong? And the manager LAUGHS! What was funny about the Buick owner having to pay for damage done by some careless person? Some may call me a busy body as it was none of my business but it was the decent thing to do. Why do so few people do it? But they will be the first to complain if it happens to them.

So this is all still on my mind on Sunday when my daughter calls me. She is running late because when her boyfriend went to leave to go have brunch with his family they found someone threw a rock thru his back windshield. The newest additions on the block live in the next duplex. The police have been at the house already and they have only lived there three weeks. Her BF goes to the door to talk to them but they don't answer. The tenant on the otherside of the duplex comes out and he says he didn't see or hear anything but he works 16 hours. But also says don't trust this new neighbor. He states he is changing his locks and installing cameras.

#1 daughter and BF clean up the mess quickly as he needs to leave. They did not think to call the police so BF is going to have to pay for it himself. While we are talking she asks "why are people like this?" I, being older and wiser, have absolutely no idea.

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