Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

The Christmas season has come to mean the period when the public plays Santa Claus to the merchants. ~John Andrew Holmes

My daughter called at 5:30 AM while shopping. She left early yesterday to go home and go to bed so she could get up at 3 AM....left family to go home, sleep and shop to buy said family something that says I love you?!?!

Now I did this Black Friday shopping thing twice before I couldn't handle it anymore. The shoving and greed just sent me home mentally and physically exhausted. Already today the police have been called to an area shopping center to control the fights breaking out...somehow that just doesn't get me in the mood for Christmas. I think the best part of the times that I did go shop early was driving there in the pre-dawn with no traffic.

So today post-Thanksgiving I will turn on some Christmas carols, indulge in some warmed over leftovers and finish my Pocket Book Slippers and hopefully the bunting both of which are Christmas presents. Pics to come soon.

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