Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There's A Kind Of Hush

There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)  by Carpenters

I went to town Friday for feed and some groceries as #1 daughter and Sir T were coming. Driving by the river, that one song phrase above was the only thing that came to mind. Everywhere you look there are signs of Spring.  The calendar says it is Spring but we are perched right on the cusp.  Everything is just waiting to break out. 
A couple of warm days and everything will start to bloom in earnest.  But Mother Nature is still letting Winter breath down our necks.  Friday night was a prime example of that, it was in the teens and 20's again.

Saturday morning "hush" was no where to be found.  With chainsaws buzzing and the "ground crew" yelling instructions or warnings to each other it was rather noisy.  In two hours we went from this....
did some of this ....
and this....
The next morning there was nothing left

except the logs that the man wants to have the mill turn into some lumber for him, a stump begging for a planter, and some firewood from a hickory tree that came down after the pine.

Sunday after brunch, the man and I went back to town to help a friend and go to the lumber store.  #1 and Sir T left for home with the rabbits that finally got faces sewn on...
Today everyone left for work or school and I started on the laundry that was avoided over the weekend.  Getting bored with that rather quickly I went to play in dirt.  I transplanted 54 tomato seedlings from the peat pellets to three inch pots.  Some that got started in the three inch pots have multiple seedlings in them and need to be seperated and transplanted into bigger pots but I am running out of space inside so they will be getitng moved out to the greenhouse this week. 

When the rain stopped for a while in the afternoon, #2 daughter and I transplanted about 20 forsythia plants.  In front of them we transplanted the mystery lily and irises.  I don't expect much from it this year but next year it should be beautiful.

Having made sufficient progress on the shawl, to please myself...I rewarded myself and started the Fluidity baby blanket.  Sometimes things just catch my eye and I have to make them for no apparent reason and Fluidity was one of them.  I am switching from round knit lace to square knit lace right now, and can't wait to see it done.  Of course you do realize that there has been no progress on the shawl but I will return to it... eventually but now it is back to the afghan.

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