Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day 2010

My uncle almost always walked into Mom's house singing a song.  Usually it was "I must have been a beautiful baby I must a been a beautiful child When I was only startin' To go to kindergarten I must have  drove those other childs wild!".  He took a little artistic liberty on that one.  Another favorite was..."Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way. I can't wait to look in the mirror 'cos I get better looking each day To know me is to love me I must be a hell of a man. O Lord, it's hard to be humble but I'm doing the best that I can."  

But you knew it was St. Patrick's Day when he came in singing..."When Irish eyes are smiling, Sure, 'tis like the morn in Spring.  In the lilt of Irish laughter You can hear the angels sing. When Irish hearts are happy,
All the world seems bright and gay. And when Irish eyes are smiling, Sure, they steal your heart away"  He would then exclaim that Bing Crosby had nothing on him... a little gilding the lilly for sure. 

Randomly bursting forth in song seems to be a family attribute.  Luckily we marry individuals with hearing problems or a whole lotta patience.  But anyhow I forgot to sing "When Irish eyes are smiling" to the wake the kids up this morning and sang my standard "oh what a beautiful morning".  They love it!  OK maybe that is pushing it a little.  I love it and they just groan but I am sure they would have really loved the Irish eyes smiling song. I will have to remember that next year.

So today I will be making the traditional dinner.  And since this day is supposedly the traditional day to plant pea's or cabbage depending on what you read and where you read it, I will be planting.

Did you know.... St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic. ~Adrienne Cook

No I didn't know that either.  And I am not planting pea's or cabbage.  I am planting brussel sprouts and peppers so the tomatoes have company. 
I might go throw some lettuce in the greenhouse too and do some clean up in there as the chickens got in and made a mess.  Maybe I will see a robin while I am out there.  I finished the gray wool,
the daffs, hyacinths and bleeding hearts are popping out of the ground so the robin is long over due.  I hope he didn't get lost.  If he waits much longer the geese will beat him here.


BlueTulips said...

whoohooo I saw my first robin on was a happy day.

cyndy said...

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I'll toast to you by the "Rising of the Moon"...(I've been singing that tune all day!)

Linda said...

Happy St. Pat's Day, Judy. Irish songs are the best, but here's one of my dad's jokes; it's my favorite.
(Pat and Mike are two Irish jokesters).

Pat goes to confession. "Fadder, I've been working all me life in the lumberyard, don'tcha know. And every evening before leaving, I take me just a wee bit of wood. Now I've been at the lumber yard for all these 20 years, and Fadder, I got quite a stack of wood; enough to build anyting. Well, I know the Lord won't take kindly to me snatchin' the bits. I want to repent.

The priest gives him absolution and says,"for your penance, my son, I want to make an act of contrition".

"Fadder", says Pat, "if you got the plans, I got the wood".