Thursday, March 18, 2010

So let it be written, so it shall be done

So let it be written, so it shall be done.~ Rameses II Ten Commandments

Yesterday I was writting about the robin's appearance or shall I say lack there of.  I wrote..."If he waits much longer the geese will beat him here."

Today I was out raking the garden of last years growth (which should have been done last fall but we won't go there) and the geese started flying over....

and I still have not seen a robin.

But regardless it has been a wonderful day.   I pulled all of last years plants and raked everything into a big pile which we will light off tonight.  I came in to eat a salad and went back out.  I raked the flowerbeds that surround the garden, then did the rhubarb and elderberry side.  The chives, lovage, daffodils, day lilly, iris and tansy are coming up.  So is the rhubarb...
Being out there I dream of the colors which will soon be evident once Spring decides to stay. Until then I have to content myself with this flashy drake
and Mr. Rooster' feathers and wattles. 
I proceeded to clean the greenhouse and then I started raking the pond garden and realized I had nothing out for dinner.  Decided on a clean the fridge night and put some eggs on so the kids can have egg salad sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.  Knowing the rhubarb is coming up made me go to the freezer for some of last years.  I made a rhubarb grunt and now I am off to a long hot bath before everyone gets home.  Tonight I will be painfully exhausted but it will  be that happily content exhaustion.

I could start liking this weather.


cyndy said...

Love the drake!

Sounds like a wonderful day getting things done in the garden.

Me? I'm still in the "go look around and think about what to do"

Linda said...

Wow! The season is just beginning! Now I'm exhausted! You are one very busy lady. Please send some of your energy my way!