Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fickle March

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer
in the light, and winter in the shade."- Charles Dickens

Yesterday the birds were so loud as they went about finding food and mates.  I had the windows open and couldn't hear the tv so I shut it off.  I would much rather hear the birds.  The deer are coming down earlier and staying later to eat every sprout of green, including my flowers.

I heard peepers the night before but last night was another noise.  At first I didn't know what it was but the man said it was frogs in my pond croaking away. 

I have not had a fire going in days however, today's winds and knowing tonight is going into the 20's will have me back at it again.  But the tomato seedlings are growing just fine and will need to be repotted before the weekend.  The lettuce I planted the other day is up but the peppers will take a while.  I still need to plant the dang brussel sprouts but I keep forgetting.

Yesterday I was in baking mode.  I baked another pineapple upside down cake for the man and then I did two loaves of banana bread, apple/plum kuchen and cinnamon rolls.  And in between/after that I finished the baby afghan.  I am going to make a pair of booties and send it off.  This morning I worked on the finishing off the shawl but as it is garter stitch I quickly got bored and started doing paperwork.

#1 daughter and Sir T are coming up Friday.  Plans are for another St. Pats dinner and taking down a tree.  It is a big pine which drops branches in every snow/wind storm and leans toward the house.  Should it decide to fall #2 sons bedroom would be in my kitchen and my kitchen in my root cellar.  My brother does tree work for a living and has finally decided to cut it down for us.  It is that old thing, the plumber has leaky pipes, the roofer has a leaky roof, well I have been waiting for 2-3 years.  I knew he would get to it... eventually...I am just glad it is before it fell! 

And not to be as fickle as March, but I better go find something to take out for dinner, finish the paperwork and filing, take the dogs for a walk and hang the laundry.  Maybe I will even get the shawl finished...but I wouldn't count on it!

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Sandie Knapp said...

I'm jealous! I've got the deer, groundhog, Robins, Red-Wings, Song Sparrows and other singing birds, but so far, no peppers or frogs. I can barely control myself waiting. LOL