Monday, February 15, 2010

This Could Be The Start Of Something Beautiful

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.”

I am finally ready to start playing with the needle punch.  It has been languishing since I bought it at Rhinebeck.  There were excuses such as I had to finish Christmas presents, I have other projects started etc, etc, etc. But now I have no more excuses.

This weekend I finally finished the scarf.
I now know I should have used a k1p1 on the sides.  I thought the ribbing would keep it from rolling but it does tend to roll a little.  And the bind off end flairs more than the beginning.  I will have to block it and see what I think then.

I have also reached the end of my rabbit knitting.  I finished with five and didn't start on the eggs as I realized it was just another excuse.  Heck #1 and I even painted my bedroom. So now I am off to surf the net for some design that will spark my rug punching nerve.  Something easy, cute but not too cute, country-ish, maybe whimsical, using what I have, and useful as I don't need another project to throw in a box....should be easy right?  Thankfully, #1 daughter and Sir T came this weekend and gave me a laptop.  Now I can sit in the comfort of my chair near the fire and find exactly what I am looking for.  Wish me luck.


Sandie Knapp said...

Great job on the scarf. Unique and really nice!

I am still laughing, after reading about your son and the contact lens. Poor boy.

Several years ago, when we still had livestock, one of the calves was sucking on my Sister's fingers, and managed to suck in her ruby ring. So you can guess what we were doing for the next day or two. It was never found, I'm sorry to say, but she learned not to allow the calves to suck her fingers after that! haha

Have a good week. :)

BlueTulips said...

Beautiful scarf! What a wonderful design. Wear it proudly.
I have learned that with ribbed scarfs it is best to do each half and graft it together to avoid the bind off ripples.

Tam said...

Wonderful scarf!
Have fun with the needle-punch be careful though it is addicting but definitely fun!
Keep warm and cozy.