Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh O-R-E-I?

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~e.e. cummings

I didn't want the day to be wasted so I thought I would give you something to laugh at...
#2 son recently went to the eye doctor.  He needed glasses, which he received.  We discussed contacts because of his participation in sports.  He got fitted, wore them for a week and went back to be evaluated.  He had trouble putting the contacts in at first but after two weeks of me putting them in for him he got the hang of it.  We put in an order for a years supply.
The other day, the youngin' was sitting in his gaming chair playing Xbox.  He had a couple of Oreo's lying on his lap.  He looked down to grab a cookie, threw the cookie in his mouth whole and looked back up to continue playing his game.  As he starts chewing, he quickly realizes that something is wrong, he can't see right.  And then he swallows and something sticks in his throat.  He starts coughing, pauses the game, checks his eye in the mirror and then he realizes he swallowed his contact.
He comes running out to the living room coughing, laughing and crying, asking what should he do, he swallowed his contact!  We did not believe him, but the coughing continued, his contact was missing and he doesn't give up his time on Xbox for nothing!  He coughed, he gargled and after about 15 minutes, it became unstuck but he did not recover his contact, if you know what I mean.  The man jokingly asked him why would he swallow his contact, and #2 said he didn't mean too. 
Then yesterday we went to pick up his year's supply.  If you bought a year's supply, you got a $30 mail in rebate.  When we arrived home the man told #2 that the eye doctor needed back the contacts that he was originally given before we could get the rebate.  #2 said he only had the one and what he suppose to do.  The man told him he had to retrieve it.  #2's jaw hit the floor and he asked how was he suppose to do that!  The man told him he would suggest using a pair of the disposible gloves that I have for canning.  #2 was so upset, he said that he couldn't do that, food digests in 8 hours and it had been more than that.  The evil step father said he would have to continue to check for a few days because maybe it got stuck like it did in his throat!  Poor son argued that they were disposible lens and then went and read the whole rebate form almost in tears.  When he was finished he did not find it humorous as it never stated he needed to return them.
How we kept a straight face while discussing this is beyond me.  Poor son has evil parents...but he still loves us and I am sure will get even with us in our senior years. 


cyndy said...

oh my.

that is all...just oh my.

(Ok I gotta ask, did he find anything yet?)

kids...a thrill a minute!

Linda said...

oh this is too funny! The poor kid. But it'll all come out in the end! (A little parental humor)