Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hopping Around

"Some bunny loves you"

That was the saying on a t-shirt that #1 daughter received along time ago from her grandmother.  I can't remember if she got it for Valentine's Day or Easter.  And why, you might ask, is this on my mind?  Well it started on Sunday.  I was merrily knitting away on a scarf.  I saw a design for a bag, but didn't want the bag so tried to do it on a scarf.  I was going to do a keyhole scarf with it but got caught up and went further along.  As I am "always forward, never reverse" I decided to make it a full length scarf. 
So, I was working a way when the Super Bowl came on.  And for some reason K4 P2 and then P4, K2 on the return was too much for my brain to comprehend while yelling at men on the tv that get paid millions to play football, that I know more than they do.  Ignore the irony of that.  But anyhow I pulled out the felted bunny pattern that I found on Ravelry.  I had printed this out to do some for #1 so she would have some Easter things for her house.  It is very easy with knit stitches only so I figured I could handle it.  By the end of the game I had finished one of the bunnies. 

Thinking he was kinda cute, I started a second one.  I have tried to squeeze a couple of rounds in when I  ran upstairs/inside to get a cup of coffe or use the bathroom.  The man finally caught on though and back to work it was for me.  Huh.  You would think he is on vacation and trying to get things done.  The nerve of him!  Well I am now on my forth one. 
They are very rustic, use very little yarn so scraps are good and for some reason that is making me happy.  I have to do their faces and since I didn't felt them I am going to needle felt a tail on them.  Eventually I will end up back on the scarf but I think I am going to make a couple of more and maybe some Easter eggs.

So now I have to ask...We woke this morning to a beautiful sunny day....
but we are due to get somewhere between 4 to 20 inches of snow (you have to love meteorologists)....so is it wrong to want the 20 inches so we couldn't work outside and that we lose electric so we can't work in the basement so that I can knit more?  Yeah, I thought that was wrong to wish for too, and seeing as how #2 daughter is home with the stomach virus, I don't want to tempt fate so I am going to bring in more firewood. 


cyndy said...

They are adorable! No wonder you can't stop! I love them!

Better put a pot on the stove, looks like we are due for a shoveler...

Tam said...

Just love those bunnies!!!
Can one hop over here?? ;)

finnsheep said...

The scarf is amazing! How does it get the holes in it where the cables cross???? Just the place for a bunny to hop thru.

Sandie Knapp said...

Your scarf is really different. I love that open work braiding. It looks very complicated.

The bunnies are adorable!! They look like they would be as much fun to knit as to see and hold.

I am also very impressed with that box of carded alpaca. I'm glad you are able to work a carder with such ease and confidence. In Spring my guild is going to have a demonstration on how to use one correctly. I requested the demo because I can't use one for the life of me with any good results. But maybe by the end of April I will finally "get it." haha

Take care. :)