Monday, November 16, 2009

Turkey Talk

I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. ~ Christopher Reeve

If you stand and look at our house it sits at the bottom of the mountain, then there is a small hill on the right side. It is here that I have my bird feeders. Last fall and winter the wild turkeys would come down and have their fair share of these easy offerings. Like the cardinals, titmouse, chickadee etc, they thought it was there just for them.

This morning I attended the animals and as is their norm, the chickens and our domesticated turkeys walked over to the ground below the feeders to see what pickings they could if their automatic feeder is empty and they are so starved! So I tossed out some strawberry tops for them and went to sit down to knit for a few minutes. My knitting was interrupted by their squawking.
It would seem the natives wanted to come dine and the domesticated turkeys would not let them. Red & Gray tried to be nice and explain that they (the natives) had the whole forest from which to obtain their food, so please don't egg in on ours. But the natives got nasty, as is their way, and would not listen but continued to head toward the feeders.Gray quickly jumped up on the nearest grape vine to demand their compliance to the new rules. But got no where. Red jumped up and yelled at them too but nobody was listening to them. They were outnumbered 9-2. The natives said they were soft from befriending man and since they had their food handed to them they had no right to begrudge them any droppings...a little reverse psycology. Red & Gray returned to the feeders to gather strength and format a new plan. It was decided that the natives could pass but still not go near the feeders. Red & Gray would stand between them and the feeders. When one of the natives decided to go rogue and sneak in on their flank, the ever vigilant chicken had Red and Grays back. Oh, they were slick and tried every trick in the book. They tried acting like they had surrendered and were going back up into the woods from which they came. But Red & Gray would have none of that! They pulled back to once again. Another brazen little native tried to act all coy by flashing feathers, but Gray said "see ya"! And once again they got between the natives and their meal ticket. Mr. Squirrel was highly amused by these proceedings and devised his own plan. While he sat up in the tree watching, he had the Mrs. down on the ground picking up what the natives missed and making runs to the feeder while Red & Gray were occupied with more important dealings. Very opportunistic of old Mr. Squirrel. Bandit, the cat, reminded me that it was I that rescued Mr. Squirrel from his clutches a short time ago....if my feeders get chewed apart, I have nobody to blame but myself. I made my point by telling Bandit if she didn't go preen herself somewhere else she would be chasing Mr. Squirrel for food instead of fun. Her response was "now look who is being catty".
But back to Red & Gray...Their new plan was a formidable united more of the divide and conquer.The natives in a desperate moment tried to act all big and bad but Red & Gray were not impressed and looked upon them with disdain. And as the first rays of sunshine fell up on our little parcel, the natives were still a distance away from the feeders. Some looked down thinking of making one last valiant attack on the line. But with a last longing look over their wing they went back into the woods. Red & Gray returned to dine victoriously. The chickens lavished praises upon them for their heroic acts. That is our story and we are sticking to it!.


j said...

omg, lady.I would tell you you need a hobby, but you have numbers of them.

J2M0A0C9 said...

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cyndy said...

Very entertaining!

I'm amazed that you have seed out so early! If I did that I'd have the bear here, and NO ONE bothers him when he dines!

Love the pic's...too funny!

(ps..can't believe we ended our blog posts the same way today...what's with THAT?)

Tam said...

Love this "story" Judy!
Well done!

Sandie Knapp said...

I absolutely loved your turkey picture story. You did a great with it, and I chuckled all the way through it. I was surprised though that the "native" turkeys did not fight with your domestic ones. I would have expected them to do that. I'm glad they did not, but I was surprised. :)