Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post Thanksgiving

“ a well regulated kitchen nothing is ever wasted, but with careful preparation even the 'rough ends' of a beef steak may be made into a wholesome, tender and appetizing dish; that 'stale bread' may be used in the most delicious 'desserts' and 'farcies,' and 'left-over' food from the day before need not be thrown in the trash-box, but may be made into an endless variety of wholesome and nutrious dishes.” ~The Picayune’s Creole Cook Book (1901)

The fridge is still full of leftovers even though platters of food left here Thursday. The stock pot was simmering on the stove with the turkey carcass and is now turkey and rice soup. Yet another pot vying for space.

I would love to say things went off without a hitch but they didn't and at first I was upset. But then I realized they never really had...sometimes the casseroles were cold on the inside and had to go back in oven a little longer and the rolls have been forgotten more times than I can count. So this year was following it another long tradition. But in the end the food was good and plentiful. We had one of our turkeys, the breast of a wild turkey, ham and a venison roast and all the side dishes.

#2 son had been sick with a stomach virus on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I bleached the bathroom and prayed nobody would be sick on Thanksgiving. Shortly after consuming probably the biggest meal of the year....#2 daughter got sick. I bleached the bathroom again.

Friday dawned bright and early. The man went to work, #2 daughter slept the whole day. #2 son left with his uncle to site the guns in for deer season is fast approaching. #1 daughter and I started going through the Christmas decorations. Later in the evening #1 and Sir T headed for home so they could go to Christkindlmarkt with his family the following day. I have never been but I am told I should go.
I awoke early Saturday morning....sick. I bleached the bathroom again, not that it has helped any, and crashed in bed. So far as sick goes it really isn't that bad. The bathroom part is done and over with in 30 minutes. The rest of the day you just have a stomach ache and sleep.

I woke early this morning which is no surprise when you have slept almost an entire day away. I started knitting, made a pair of fingerless mitts and started on a simple cowl. Can't say I feel like doing the jig quite yet, but I feel much better.

The man has stayed out of the house as much as possible! We still had a huge pile of dirt (and weeds) in the front yard and he has spent the past couple of days dispersing it....with a little help from his friends....I think they are trying to show him how helpful they can be as they were glad to have not been Thanksgiving dinner. I should tell them that is not why they are here but not until we get some more work out of them. Now I am off to hopefully finish the cowl....or take a nap.

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