Friday, November 06, 2009

Counting down

“Don't agonize, organize.” ~ Florynce R. Kennedy
With the turning of the calendar page, the countdowns seem to have a more hectic tone to them. I look out the window and the trees are bare, the deer are coming down earlier in the day.
The turkeys came down yesterday to check out the bird feeders for the first time this fall. Each of these are just a reminder that the year is drawing to a close and there is so much still to do.

Between trying to make sure I don't forget anything for Thanksgiving, I am also trying to remember all the ingredients for the cookies and breads that my mother and I use to make at Christmas. It was so much easier with two minds! Then there is trying to remember to get things to finish off presents and #2 (who has a b-day coming up) wants a Twilight/New Moon party.
I sat there last night trying to knit and thoughts were flying through my mind of what I still had to do and what I still had to buy along with the regular shopping items. I decided that I had to make lists and prioritize things....Christmas cookies do not come before Thanksgiving pies.

I made a list of foods being served on Thanksgiving and what I still needed to buy.
I made a list of foods being served on Christmas and what I still needed to buy.
I made a list of cookies/breads that I want to bake and what I still needed to buy.
I made a list of presents for Christmas, what I already have and what I still need to buy/make.
Thankfully not all Christmas gifts that are homemade are going to be knit this year, taking some of the pressure of my hands. However, I have been whipping out kitchen towels with crocheted tops to give with breads...They just need buttons, which are on the list!

So with lists tucked in beside the wallet, so I won't forget either of them, I now feel more prepared for...."the moon on the crest of the new fallen snow, gave a luster of Midday to objects below."


Tam said...

I like lists, not necessarily want is on them but seems to me I can't function without a list anymore...towels and bread are a great gift idea!
Love the picture of the moon, very pretty!!

Anonymous said...

This cold weather, combined with filled bird feeders, are bringing out all kinds of creatures. I've had a menagerie of my own of late. hahaha

I love your "moon" shot. That is fantastic.

The towels are a smart idea too.:)

cyndy said...

So true...year after year it is the same. Nov 1st, and all the leaves are down.

The doe on your mountain are different looking than the doe over here. Yours have beautiful, full and large eye rings!

...wonderful photos!