Saturday, November 14, 2009

Season Influences

"Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Around here the food of the season is sauerkraut. When the kraut was checked on Wednesday it was decided that it was done. The man calls everyday at lunch time and when he found out it was ready he requested pork and kraut for dinner...and he got it. I canned the rest as it is easier to give the oldest two kids jars to take home. I got 39 quarts of sauerkraut.
I also canned up lard. When we picked up the pork, we got some fat back also. I canned up 6 quarts and gave the rest of the fat to a friend. I melted some fat, added the cracklings, some apples that were going bad, oatmeal, sunflower seeds and corn and poured it into pans to harden and be cut up into blocks for the birds.

I wrapped up all the presents which I have already made or purchased. I have a huge roll of brown paper so this year all presents will be wrapped in that as I try to use it up. They will look very basic but I have livened them up with homemade tags made from old Christmas cards.I was given my mother's bingo bag but the magnetic pieces are no longer used so I started making tags out of them also....I was going to say it's a cheap Christmas Charlie Brown but it is just a homemade Christmas and I am having a blast. #2 daughter was not happy when she first heard this but then agreed that it really didn't matter what it is wrapped in. She got into the act so her and I made up some borax ornaments to use as package tie on's.
Along with canning, wrapping, gift tag making, I have been knitting. I made this stocking and I am adding holly leaves to it. They are in the making now. I recycled a sweater and made this stocking and I am on my second wine bag.
So we will continue to prepare for and enjoy with all our senses the beauty of the seasons.


Tam said...

Love your gift wrapping idea!
Stockings look wonderful too!
Boy does that pile of wood look similar to ours...alot of work but I love the warm cozy heat the wood offers...well worth it.

cyndy said...

Wow! You are way ahead of the game!

I can't seem to get ready for Christmas until I have Thanksgiving. sigh.

Your stockings look great- and the wood pile is looking good too. One cord winter? two?

Anonymous said...

I had no idea anyone, but myself, used lard any longer. And I don't use it very often. AND I see you have the exact same Xmas cactus as I do. Does yours bloom off and on right up till May/June as well? The flowers are gorgeous, so I am thrilled to have one so pretty bloom for such a long time.