Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Getting Things Done

Besides the noble art of getting things done,there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials. ~Lin Yutang Oh I like that...leaving things undone is a noble art!!! Of course, I would never say it is wisdom that makes me eliminate non-essentials...more like laziness or time limitations. Usually things roll along pretty smoothly but sometimes I feel like life has me going like this walking onion...contorted and moving in more than one direction. I would love to be able to do it all! Who wouldn't?

For some unknown reason, planets aligning, Jupiter in Mars, whatever, things have ironed out and I don't feel as pressured and we have been slowly getting things done.

Lets start with Friday...the shawl for #2 daughters formal was finished with time to spare. #2 son and daughter had a great time. #2 son even let #1 daughter cut his hair! All of his ringlet curls are gone but I can see his eyes again and his friends even approved the change.

On Saturday the man had to work 1/2 a day. #2 daughter joined me for a walk and then we went to visit a friend. #2 had the girls come over to play. The man kept#2 son busy stacking firewood. I seeded in beans and cucumbers. Sis and a friend hoed rows and planted over 200 feet of potatoes. Normally we have them planted much earlier but an old farmer told me to wait until June 1. Yeah I know I was early, I just hope that they do well and we have enough. There are no more seed potatoes left in the store otherwise I would probably buy more as there is space left.

On Sunday, my sister left to go to my brothers in MD. In a "while the cat's a way the mice will play" moment, I snuck 9 more tomatoes in the large garden and 5 in the greenhouse garden. I blame it all on Cyndy as she gave me some that I didn't have and I HAD to plant them so I would have seed. She also gave me some pepper plants that HAD to go in. I seeded in Fordhook zucchini, Iroquois melon. LI cheese squash and I actually found room to squeeze in 11 more cabbage! I walked both gardens and did my final (?) garden drawing so next year I know what & where everything was planted. And after the man finished mowing the barn area he put the new belt on the mower I mowed the back field.

Monday, Mom had a Drs. appointment which did not take as much time as expected! We did some shopping, banking and picking up prescriptions and we were home by noon. I seeded sunflowers and birdhouse gourds into the large garden. I raked out the rest of the new potato patch that didn't get used and seeded in acorn squash, spaghetti squash and pumpkin. I gave everything a good dose of water as the weatherman keeps postponing the rain.

I was a little more alert as a bear was in my yard when I came home from mom's doctor's appointment. I came up the driveway and it had it's front paws on the trunk of #2 son's car and was looking over at the ducks and chickens. I drove toward him and he went behind the blackberry patch and into the woods. It was about hip high which I am told is a small bear. I went reading and found this is their mating season. The cubs stay with their mom for 17 months. Right before she is ready to mate in late May to July, they force their cubs to stop traveling with them. Hopefully it was just trying to find it's way alone in life and will not be stopping in anytime soon for a chicken dinner.

Today #1 daughter and I papered and mulched most of the greenhouse garden. I have a small area that I could plant but yesterday I received a package in the mail. It was 50 crowns of strawberries that my son bought me. So that small area will be where the compost bins go and a path to what will be the new section of the garden! The man is so happy to know this garden is enlarging also!

And wait that is not all that got done! I am knitting away on the smock coat. It is going very slowly because it is seed stitch.
I decided I needed something to move alittle bit faster so I started the Fancy Baby Socks from KnitPicks. I am doing them to match the coat. The first pair looked very small so I used a bigger needle and made a second pair. And I washed another fleece. I don't know how long this productive mode will last but I am going to enjoy it while it is here.


IslandBrze said...

Good Morning Sis,
Life in MD is a learning experience. Big Bro has not changed. He can tell some stories! Will be home tonight to get some lawn mowing started and maybe some wood chips on the garden to stop the weeds from overcoming us. Can't wait to see everyone.

cyndy said...

Seeds and seed stitch (heh heh) they go well together!

Just remember, we reap what we sow...(I'm glad you will have help come harvest!!)

Glad you found room to tuck in the spares...I ran out of space...M planted a few tomatoes outside the fence (I told him he may as well tossed them on the compost pile)