Monday, June 22, 2009

State of the Garden

I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died. ~ Richard Diran

They probably drown just like everything else in my garden. We have had rain approximately 25 out of the last 28 days. Saturday's high temp was garden is hating it. It resembles my garden in late April - early May of last year. The 4th of July is coming and my corn is only ankle high!!! Of course I may just be growing the wrong thing. If I was growing mushrooms I could become rich. My yard is littered with them!
During a rare dry day I tried to fill in the empty spots in the bean patch. I also planted more zucchini seed, more LI cheese squash and brussel sprouts. I have been on the hunt for some red cabbage, seed or plants. Saturday, I was successful in finding some plants. Hopefully I will be able to get them in today as the sun has actually made an appearance. The weatherman says that the temperature is going to go up into the 80's this week. If we hold there and the rains stay away for a couple of days the garden will hopefully explode. So with that old "make hay while the sun shines" thing, I am going to go out into the garden now. If I don't post soon, I might have sunk in up to my knees and can't get out...send help!

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Sandie Knapp said...

Oh boy do I relate! I don't think any of my tomato plants have grown more than an inch since Memorial Day. The same with the peppers. I planted 2 rows of corn and 3 whole seeds sprouted. I planted a row of beets and 5 seeds sprouted. I planted 4 rows of mixed sunflower seed, and there are 7 plants growing! Everything is drowning from the rain, and growth is halted because of the cold weather. Last year I didn't get my first tomato until the 3rd week in August. It might not be until the middle of September this year, at the rate we are going. With this weather I'm not too concerned about "global warming."

:) Good luck!