Friday, March 20, 2009


No matter what changes take place in the world, or in me, nothing ever seems to disturb the face of spring. ~ E.B. White

Spring officially starts today. Every time I am outside it seems there is flock of geese flying north. The robins, bluebirds and red winged blackbirds have settled in nicely. The sap is still flowing but I am going to stop collecting this weekend as I should have enough for our use by then. The maples are on the outside of the pasture. It has become a ritual for the sheep to follow us around the perimeter. Here they are enjoying the first little wisps of green.While inspecting things around here we came upon a coyote ravaged deer carcass. We heard a huge ruckus from them a couple of weeks ago so that must have been what they were doing. I hope they leave my chickens and turkeys alone this summer.

I want to get into the garden in a little bit to finish cutting the old blackberry canes down and topping the new ones. Eventually I have to find time to get into the greenhouse and I have to start seeds.

I finished the capelet finally. I also plyed the splotch yarn. While it looked good when a single and didn't look too bad as a looks like mud when knit. This is the beginning of a pair of plain old socks for #1 daughter. They have to go in the bag now because I have a ton of housekeeping to catch up on before I can play with them anymore! I hope everyone has a great Spring day.


cyndy said...

That is the prettiest mud I've ever seen! (ahem, and it is mud season after all....)

Your syrup is looking very yummy...did you set that on the shelf to tempt me?

Sandie Knapp said...

Oh my, I think your plied yarn is gorgeous, and I'm so jealous. I could not possibly knit socks with my first attempt at plying, but one of these days I hope to do just that. And I don't think it looks like mud either. I think it's knitting up quite lovely. :)

Enjoy that syrup. Lew would have loved it. I'm not such a lover myself of things maple, other than the tree it's self that is. :)

finnsheep said...

I too love the yarn knitted up!