Friday, March 27, 2009


To me the ideal doctor would be a man endowed with profound knowledge of life and of the soul, intuitively divining any suffering or disorder of whatever kind, and restoring peace by his mere presence. ~Henri Amiel

Oh, to live in an ideal world. But in reality our life recently is...i deal...with that space between which completely changes things. Mom has decided she will recover quicker at home so the doctors released her on Friday. We got a crash course in oxygen 101 and trucked her home. I didn't think she was ready to come home but they had given her a transfusion so she was feeling spunky. I don't want her in the hospital but I want that instantaneous knowledgable attention if anything goes wrong. So I deal with the fear. And I shouldn't complain because that is all she can do... she deals with being dependent on others, all the meds and the long oxygen tube dragging behind. But she was right as Mother always is....She isn't up and running a marathon but is sleeping/eating better and was outside sitting in the sun on Saturday.

While she was soaking up some rays, the man and I went to visit a friend, do grocery shopping and stopped at the feed store. The man cut the shelves down to fit the greenhouse and the kids raked the side yard and hauled some broken branches to the burn pile.

During the night the rains came so early in the morining the man set the burn pile on fire. While he did that, I was able to rake the chicken and duck area. We took our drake up to Farmer Dave and traded him for an unrelated drake. Mr. Lucky (he has five hens drooling over him) is a Rouen and is beautiful. He is the one in the rear, which is what all the other pics were of since he kept walking away from me! Later in the Spring I will stop gathering the eggs and see if any of them set. I haven't had a problem any other year so hopefully things follow suit this Spring.

While at Farmer Dave's he asked if we wanted any firewood and proceeded to have one of his workers load our truck up with logs from tree's he had cut down. The rains and temps made the ride home a little foggy. When we got home the man put the shelves in the greenhouse and proceeded to start splitting the wood so the kids could stack it. They were soooo happy!I finally got the pile of manure spread on the greenhouse garden and put everything back into the greenhouse. I had to hurry as the thunder was getting pretty loud.
While making dinner we were treated to a great lightening show. The power only went out for a couple of seconds but still made me glad that we had bought more gas for the generator in case of a longer power outage so mom's oxygen stays pumping.

It was a great weekend with the lightening storm being just one more sign to add to the other signs of Spring such as....worm casting
bleeding heart
some fungusand elderberry that I thought I killed is showing signs of lifeToday I hope to get into the greenhouse to re-arrange things and finally start some seeds. This week my neighbor is going to come plow up a new area behind the large garden so we can move the potatoes outside the fence. I picked up some Kennebec, Katahdin, Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold so I am ready.

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