Friday, May 09, 2008

It is Yesterday's Tomorrow

Yesterday the twig was brown and bare;
To-day the glint of green is there;
Tomorrow will be leaflets spare;
I know no thing so wondrous fair,
No miracle so strangely rare.
I wonder what will next be there!
~L.H. Bailey
And with the rain we got yesterday and last night things are quickly emerging. Last night while doing chores I finally heard the wind rustling the leaves again. I can no longer see into the woods. I can hear the turkeys gobbling but I can't see them making their way down the deer trail. The dogs however let me know the deer are taking their daily walk through. Spring is truly a wonderous fair even when it wears you down to a nub.

So today things ARE looking up. Yesterday after my meltdown I went to the feed store, took my uncle to his appointment, ran some errands for my mother, came home to do chores and dinner and went to #2 daughters band concert.

Tonight after the man gets home from work and the chores are done we are going to pick up the fencing. Tomorrow we have to drop #2 son off at 8 AM, then we are going to pick up newest part for mower (hopefully correct), posts for the fence and hay. On the way home we will stop and pick son up so he can help finish off the pigs pen (isn't he a lucky kid!!). Sunday #2 daughter said she is cooking me breakfast for Mother's Day. At 9 AM we are picking up the pigs and when we get them home, hopefully making a huge dent in fencing in more pasture.

I had my Mother's Day dinner with #1 daughter last weekend. She invited my mom, the man and I to dinner at her house. She made a layered pizza dip which was so good we ate it all! (I got the recipe!) Of course we then did not have much room left for dinner which was garlic bread, spaghetti and chicken parmigiana, but we did bring home the leftovers! The meal was delicious as was the coffee and dessert (mini phyllo tarts filled with cannoli mix). I love cannoli's! She always said she was going to rich enough to not have to cook so the fact that she put so much time and effort into the meal really meant alot. She also got me "The Mom's Book For The Mom Who's Best at Everything" (is that an admission that her Mom does know best?). She also ordered me Amish Past Tomatoe plants to replace the un-germinated seed. She is a truly amazing woman who always goes above and beyond which is really the best Mother's Day present I could get.

And on that note I am off to start the weekend. I wish all the mom's a day as you want it. Happy Mother's Day.

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