Monday, May 19, 2008


"Home! And this is my room - and you are all here! And I'm not going to leave here ever again, because I love you all! And --- Oh, Auntie Em ----- there's no place like home!"~Dorothy Wizard of Oz

Both kids were happy to be home after their weekend away. We will start with #2 son. He left Friday night to a Camp-O-Ree, his first boy scout camping trip. When we got to the camp to drop him off it was pouring down rain and if you got off the lawn you were in mud! Because of the rain they had them sleep in tents instead of the lean-to's. It went down to 39 degrees that night.

Saturday was an awesome day and for the most part rain free. During the day he cooked a meal on a campfire and earned his Fireman's chit after going through the smoke house and learning fire safety.

We picked him up Sunday and the rain held off until we were leaving the campground. He had a blast and will be going back next year. No pictures as the camera is still in the car and the man took the car to work.

#2 Daughter did not have fun at her formal Friday evening. It seems puberty hormones, first formal and it's preconceived expectations mingled together do not mix well. She came out crying in frustration that if they would have all shut up and stopped arguing over stupid stuff they all would have had fun. She said she would not be going next year, but I explained a year makes a big difference.

We got up Saturday and dropped her off at the meeting spot at 7:30. They drove to the train station and left for NYC. We picked her up at 9PM last night and she still has not stopped talking...she had a great time! She said she couldn't live there as there were too many people, too much noise and it was filthy but she had fun. They went to the MTV shop, a two level McDonald's, M&M shop, Hershey shop, Macy's, observation deck at Rockefeller Center , Times Square, NY Public Library, and took a bus into the Hudson River . They saw the Twin Towers site, the Statue of Liberty, grandma's home town of Hoboken, NJ, and the play Curtains at Al Hirschfeld Theatre and stayed at a Hostel. Oh yeah they also saw (by accident) the Naked Cowboy of NYC! The poor man's ego must be crushed as she said they all got a case of the giggles!

And what would catch the eye of the daughter of a fiber person while touring NYC.... "a wool purse with a barn felted on it"...don't believe me? She took a picture! I bet her friends thought she was nuts but I love that she did that.

The man and I finished the fence, burnt a huge scrap pile, did a complete clean up of the barn and got the mower fixed! It was time to go in when the rain started again but we went back out to get a picture of the faintest rainbow over the tree. 1st one I have seen this year.It was an exhausting weekend for all and everyone was glad to be home. I am glad the kids have these opportunities to try new things and that they still think home is best!

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