Friday, May 16, 2008


If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that Id like to do
Is to save every day
Till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
Id save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you
~Jim Croce

Time is such a precious commodity right now. As in years past the end of the school year mania has arrived. On the plus side, the kids only have 18 or 19 school days left. Like them I cannot wait until it is over.

I did take time last Friday to go to spinning and I think that was the last time I did any fiber arts. Friday night we went and bought fencing. Saturday we dropped son off to help with an Eagle Scout project, rented a post hole digger, bought posts, picked son up, finished the pig pen and drilled almost all the holes for the pasture enlargement. Sunday we finished the holes, took the machine back, picked up the pigs, put them into their area and installed all the posts in the field. Monday was the Blue & Gold dinner, Tuesday my housecleaning job and a band concert, Wednesday, Mom and I planted all the broccoli and about 40 tomato plants then it was boy scouts, pick up the chickens and turkeys. Yesterday, mom and I made two batches of rhubarb relish and then last night the man and I got half the fence installed on the field enlargement.

Today I am going shopping for last minute things for sons camp-o-ree this weekend and a corsage for daughters formal tonight. Tomorrow morning we drop her off for trip to NYC and then we have peace and quiet until Sunday morning at 10 AM when we pick son up. Of course time will be used finishing the fencing- doesn't that just sound so romantic?!

And just because I need one more thing in my life that demands attention, I present for his blog debut, Cooper....When we went to pick up the pigs on Mother's Day (Isn't that what every mom wants to do on Mother's Day?) I saw the puppy and said he was cute and sat and played with him. I told the man that when I first moved to MD, my oldest brother had a little female redbone I named HoneyBee that I wanted and he sold it. The man being of sound mind (NOT!) thought he would surprise me and buy this puppy. SURPRISE! Now let me first state, I love this guy (the man not the dog). However, in the truck I had to tell him I think the dog is adorable but are you nuts? Where is the man of reason? Did he get another life insurance policy on me that I don't know about, because he is trying to kill me! I think he was on drugs when he made this decision...I think he better pass some my way to deal with it. I go into the bathroom and the puppy whines outside the door! I want grandchildren doing that not a puppy.

So the man swears everyone will help. I think they all crossed their fingers before they said that because they are gone all day while I trip and slip over this puppy. In case you are wondering he is an 8 week old Redbone Bluetick Plott mix....aka he is going to run. He goes where I go, so he was quickly acclimated to the animals and he is afraid of the lambs! Of course the cat is bigger than him right now but I am told he will grow into his huge paws. OH YIPPEE!!! Make lemonade when given lemons so Cooper now thinks I am his mom. He is my attached at the hip sidekick. He is somewhat aggravating but very cute which makes up for it.

And now I am off to walk him so I can leave for town. And the mower place just called so I can pick up my part...again. Third times a charm. Have a great weekend.


cyndy said...

well, he is adorable....and I love the name....but looking at the last photo makes me think the only ones living a life of leisure over at your place, are the chickens!

try to take some down time just as soon as you can...(at the rate you are going, that could be next try hard!)

Sis said...

I agree with Cyndy-Cooper is his ears but that butt shot of the chickens--the end of the day, the butt end of the stick, a end shot for final words. I was looking for a photo of #2 daughter in her formal wear. How cool was that? Did she have a great time??

Anonymous said...

We had a red-bone coon hound when I was a girl. She was quite the protector. He is cute.

How do you keep your chickens from destroying your plants and flowers? When we left ours roam they destroyed everything, so we had to keep them penned.

It is easy to see why you have not done any fiber arts, when do you have time? A virtual busy bee, that's you. Hope you get some rest soon. You are going to need it.

Take care :)