Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend in the Rearview

Trouble is the common denominator of living. It is the great equalizer. - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

Friday morning I turned on the computer and had a tiny blinking line in the top left hand corner...and that is all. It just sat and blinked and nothing else happened. So we ended up doing this...In the end the computer started and all was good in my world. I could read my mail and surf the net.

Saturday AM the computer started fine but it said my security which I had just renewed and upgraded had expired. Walk!

I went to the feed store ran some other errands, stopped to view some of the area beauty. The sound of water always calms me.
Saturday night, back on the computer while trying to get the security back in working order I was able to finish thesewith short row heelsI have tried to do these before and failed so I was extremely happy. This pattern is the one that came with the yarn Mary Maxim's On Your Toes sock yarn. I finally got the security back in working order and went to bed.
Sunday we go back on the computer, it turns on, the security is good. No printer and I need a production key to get into all MS Office documents. Got printer uninstalled, downloaded driver, re-installed and printer works.
Take break with cute animals: You may remember the butt ugly rooster... his woman... The boys, Smuffin and Bozo.... The girls....Sorm kept wanting to eat the camera so I was only able to get a picutre of him trying to get where he shouldn't be....Goldie Boy wants the camera out of his face NOW. He attacked the man Saturday-something he has never done to me and hopefully won't start to do.
Dandy Duckand then Dandy with Sister Mary Margaret, Gray, Ritz and Nutmeg. Goldie's girls, Crackers the duck and the calves were not in the mood to have their pictures taken today. Backpack and Bootstraps (the calves) did add the appropriate amount of slobber to the camera lens to make their point.
Rewarded myself for having enough patience that I didn't pitch the darn thing out the window by working on Ice Queen. I am up to row 18. LOVE the yarn, love the beads, love the pattern.
So did you forget I can't get to my documents? I didn't, so today I am forced to go find the product key in storage! I would rather shear my sheep with my teeth but that won't unlock them so onward I go....the bright spot is I will get to reward myself again later on!

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cyndy said...

Beautiful pictures of all the critters! Love them!

Do you know how many times I wish I had brought my camera to the feed store? Love the tower shot!

The socks are fantastic...and I cannot wait to see your Ice Queen!