Friday, February 29, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby
Ice Ice Baby ~ Vanilla Ice

Recently there has been a whole lotta ice.

There is this kind

This kindAnd this kind....only 14 more rows to go and that is to make it longer than the original pattern!!!!

I am so happy that it is almost done that I could bust out in song such as ...

Heaven, I'm in heaven
And the cares that hung around me through the week
Seem to vanish like a gamblers lucky streak ~Irving Berlin


Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah, Hallelujah ~Leonard Cohen

I love the yarn, I love the beads, the pattern is simple enough when you finally understand what your suppose to do. However, it is not my favorite knit and I don't know if that is because I didn't rip back so I know that it is flawed or what. I do know I am going to be happy when it is done so I am off to finish it now.


Sandie Knapp said...

I knit one shawl using lace weight yarn, and the finished product is gorgeous, but the experience was far from wonderful. At least you are doing it, and afterward you will have something wondrous and beautiful to warm you. Who knows, it just might inspire you to go for it again some day. I'm already thinking about it myself. LOL :)

cyndy said...

It is gorgeous!

And now that it is complete--the ice around here can move on! I swear when you work on that pattern it disturbs the weather patterns of the universe ;-)

oh, and thanks for the Irving Berlin I have an earworm!