Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer's Time

Louis E. Boone~ I am definitely going to take a course on time management... just as soon as I can work it into my schedule.
Oh, were does one start...
My younger two came home from their dads on Friday. son moved home yesterday!!! I missed him something awful and I am so glad he is home…he will of course be driving me crazy in about a week. He seems to have missed me too because he actually walked into a knitting store and brought me home treasures! He brought me a skein of Jitterbug in Toscana colorway
(absolutely gorgeous and I will start a pair of socks from it today) and a skein of Trekking Pro Natura color #1606 The Trekking is wool and bamboo which I have never knit with before so it was hard deciding which to start first. He also bought me a leaflet on how to make Embellished I-cord chokers (his girlfriend loved them). He went to Angelwing Needle Arts in Southport, NC and said the lady helped him out and talked to him for an hour about home and me spinning and knitting. I emailed her to thank her for taking the time as he was feeling homesick and being around the fiber made him feel closer to home….and I made out pretty damn good too!

I also got a new book in the mail from Knit Picks… I have read so much about the Baby Surprise Jacket that I had to try it. I mentioned it to Cyndy who said she was getting the book from the library so we are off and running with this project. At first I was just going to buy the pattern but I am so glad I bought the whole book. I love the little tidbits of her life and I am amazed at the ingenuity behind her patterns. I saw this site and followed the directions for lengthening the sleeves. I am doing it all in white to figure out how it works before I decide how I want the stripes to come out.

My cousin goes home today. The whole month of July there was family at the mom’s. I realize it is not my house but I go to my mothers everyday. Although it is great to see them, it messes with routine. I go to mom’s to check on her and end up on the internet showing them something. I go to give a tour of the house and we just continue talking until hours have gone by which seriously cuts into the spinning/knitting time( I'm really not complaining). Which brings me around to the Tour de Fleece which ends today. I should never have signed up for it knowing that I had the family reunion, company and the garden coming in. I was only able to spin up 735 yards of two ply yarn. I didn’t spin every day and felt guilty…I hate guilt. In future I need to remember to realistically check my schedule before signing up for anything.

I emailed the seed company which I talked about in the previous post and they called and left a message. I need to get back to them so they can help identify the other beans.
I have already bought some school supplies/clothes which is making the youngers cringe as the summer is going so fast.
I walked thru the garden this AM, picked some more zuchini and have to return to pick more broccoli and beans. And so I must start managing my time by getting off the net and back into the garden!

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cyndy said...

What a great kid, to bring his mom some yarn like that! Beautiful!

The BSJ looks really nice in white, you are making quick work of it!