Friday, July 20, 2007

Annual Family Reunion

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe,call it a family:
Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Jane Howard

Last Friday the family started to arrive. After going to see some fireworks at the town fair, we finally got to bed. Saturday was the reunion, it went so well, everyone had a blast and ate more than they should have. We didn't leave until 11PM and woke up early again the next day. Some of them were to leave for home at 11 AM, they didn't leave until 5 PM. Monday other family members were to leave but never made it, they left late Tuesday afternoon. Sister left Newark airport at 8 PM. It was an awesome weekend although exhausting...we all need to remember we aren't as young as we once were.

Wednesday I spent helping prepare food/serve food after the funeral for a town man. He was a vet and 85 y/o. Sadly there were not alot of people as most of his family and friends had already passed away.

I came home and took a walk to see what had happen in the gardens while I was ignoring them...lots of broccoli which I processed yesterday along with yellow squash. ( I pulled some to make room/slow down the production). Yesterday was a great day for canning. I had to go to town and it was such a foggy cool daythat it really didn't heat up the house. It was so good that I pulled some Hopi red dye amaranth and simmered that up. I didn't get the red dye like they said but did get a nice yellow but still wanted the red. I still need to get pics of it.
Like the vege garden the flower gardens are going crazy....

So did that make you forget that I am suppose to be spinning? No?... well here is proof that I have been...That is another 200 yards of two ply and I spun up 2/3 of a bobbin last night. And since today is spinning, I just might finish that one and get another one filled!

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cyndy said...

Wow! I can hardly believe your glads are open!! Mine are not even showing bud yet!!