Friday, July 13, 2007


Paraskavedekatriaphobia is fear of Friday the 13th. While thinking about that I realized I am not superstitious about the 13th but always knock on wood and won't walk under a ladder. It is funny what makes us all tick.

And speaking of ticking, this week just flew by.
Friday night we drove to Newark to pick my sister up. She is visiting from Puerto Rico until the 17th. Our family reunion is tomorrow and she is going to surprise our oldest brother by actually being at this one. The ride down to Newark was uneventful but we got lost on the way out..we asked a couple of people for directions and then finally a cashier at Shop Rite knew where she lived and told us how to get where we wanted to go.

Saturday Cyndy and her hubby invited us to go see the Steve Miller Band. (Thanks again you guys) It was awesome! I was surprised at the number of people in their 20's because one guy the man works with said "only old people will be there". Somebody needs to slap him! They say you are old when you know all the elevator music and it has started to sound very familiar recently!

Sunday the man had an abcessed tooth and after moaning and crying we finally convinced him to go to the emergency room where they gave him meds to help get rid of the infection and kill the pain. Now to just make him keep a dental appointment.

Monday my sister and I weeded the garden. She got would think someone who lived in PR would know about the sun. She came here lighter than us and will go back looking like a lobster!

Tuesday I made up for not spinning and spent the day behind the wheel while catching up on laundry and housework. I was spinning my finn which I had sent out for processing. I have to card up and spin some to finish the sweater.

Wednesday I had to go to town and do my house cleaning job. Stopped and bought all the stuff we would need to bring to the reunion and got home in time to make dinner.

Yesterday I plied what I had spun. So I have not spun every day of the Tour de Fleece, but I have spun enough to average about 30 minutes per day which is as good as it is going to get this week. I forgot about the reunion when I signed up for that one. I got 360 yards of two ply. After that I weeded the small garden and then went to check the large one. I came back with a load of broccoli and yellow squash. I gave some broccoli to the SIL and some to the pigs as it had started to flower then I blanched and froze 10 quart bags and the rest we had with dinner. The larger squash went to the pigs but I still had some with dinner and blanched and froze 4 quarts. I also made and froze 2 cups of pesto for the man. Then I waited for the man to come home. He left work and picked up a new Finn ram lamb for me from Grace. We called him Smuffin, as he is going to be our Stud Muffin. Isn't he a hotty?! I was going for Elvis since he came from Grace's Land but the man nixed that! So Smuffin went in with Storm and we will put them all together this fall and hopefully have little ones in March/April. Or at least that is the plan.

We took the kids to the town fair last night as it was a pay one price night. It was a bribe to make them work their butts off today! My neice and her family are coming for the reunion and they like to camp out in our field. We need to get the tents up and the wood stacked and ready for them. In other farm news the small turkeys we bought are walking around with the larger ones and eating their weight in bugs. The pigs are getting big and we still have about 3 months more to go. The sheep are growing their wool back for their fall shearing and the gardens are right on the brink of exploding. The beans are all flowers and so are the cucumbers.....I think the wheel is coming to the reunion with me...maybe hook some others into the obsession!
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Friday the 13th and weekend.

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