Friday, July 06, 2007

Just a Day

“Learn to pause ... or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you.”~Doug King

I am not complaining-it has been raining every afternoon and evening for the past two days. This is great for the garden and great for gives me an excuse not to go into the garden. This little reprieve has taken some of the weight off. Then yesterday I got one of those rare days when everything is working like you want it to work, everything is getting done.

It is funny how just one day can change you. I was frazzled. The list of things to do was getting longer and longer and it seemed like I was on a treadmill. Once some of the pressure was off I was able to focus and get the others done. I am not delusional enough to think this will last and that all will go as planned for the rest of the summer. I do realize the garden will explode after these rains and I will have to deal with that but for now I am happy. I am able to breath a sigh of relief and to look around and realize why I do all of this.

I caught up on the broccoli by making cheesy cream of broccoli soup and freezing the rest. I got the yellow squash blanched and frozen along with the pea's. The laundry got done and floors washed.

I got some wool carded for the Tour de Fleece and my finn roving should be here today so I will have lots to spin. However, I used up all the yarn I had spun for my sweater so that will have to be spun first or I will not be able to knit. Pictures of it next time, I should be able to take the sleeve parts off soon.

Just some pics of what it looks like now....ducklings almost as big as their moms, turkeys getting bigger (one is a tom) and things that are blooming....

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cyndy said...

All of your blooms are looking beautiful, as is all the gorgeous wool that you have prepared!