Sunday, June 03, 2007

This IS a fiber blog after all!

I like making a piece of string into something I can wear. ~Author Unknown

I thought I should post some pics with some fiber content...This is the wool that I spun last weekend... This is what I am working on now...It is a blend of black alpaca and my mohair from Storm. I am tring to spin it thin (for me) so I can make socks. I sat outside spinning this morning before I left for a friends house. I carded up some batts to spin while it is raining today or atleast they say it might rain today. We desperately need it but the dandelion is open which is suppose to mean we won't get any.

And this is a stocking that I am working on for #1 son for Christmas... I messed up on the cable and had to rip back but finally finished it and it is all easy from here on out... I still haven't picked up the stocking where I am using the short heel row but I will eventually as I am determined to master that!

In other news we are up to about 16 ducklings. The two moms that sat together took their little flock for their first outing yesterday. The hen is still setting so we put some eggs we know are fertile under her and we will see what happens. And the blue moon is gone now, not to return for a couple of years.

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cyndy said...

The stocking looks awesome! Kudoo's to you for figuring out the cable!

Great year for the ducklings!

And your spinning looks fantastic! I bet it is very very soft!