Thursday, May 31, 2007

Once in a blue moon....

Tonight is the second full moon in the same month...aka blue moon. They say this only happens every 2.7 years which is how often I will post twice in one day! And why a second post this day? Well we finished transplanting the tomatoes so I am going to post diagrams of the gardens so I remember what went were next year.

The W is a water barrel
The C is carrots in tubs
The MG is morning glories (front blue, back red) and amaranth
The rectangle by the walking onions is glads
The cirlces are where the tomatoes are planted. There are 6 Black Pear, 2 resisentraube and 6 Blondkopchen and there is basil planted in between the tomato plants.
The lettuce is also radish, spinach and mesculin mix

In the big garden there is Green Zebra, Pink Caspian, Amish Paste, Roma, Big Boy and Bell Star tomatoes. The potatoes (excuse the two T's in the diagram) are Yukon Gold, Kennebec and Red Nortland
The melon mix is super dew, charentais, early silvertine and Spanish Moon.
And now that it is planted the weeding begins....

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