Tuesday, June 12, 2007


... time is not a linear flow, as we think it is, into past, present, and future. Time is an indivisible whole, a great pool in which all events are eternally embodied and still have their meaningful flash of supernormal or extra-sensory perception, and glimpse of something that happened long ago in our linear time.- Frank Waters, Mountain Dialogues, 1981

I have been helping a friend empty out her mother and father's house. Her father died several months ago and her mother is in a nursing home. She wants to empty it and move in with her children. The past month my weekends have been devoted to helping her clean it.

She will be the fourth generation to live in the house. In one of it's former lives it use to be a boarding house. There were 6 bedrooms but the two topmost ones became the attic storage when it ceased operation. The guests dining room became another bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. The place is a time capsule.

When we enter a room to start cleaning it, she is one of those people that gives it a cursitory look and chucks just about everything out. I, on the other hand will turn the china over and find....Theodore Haviland or Homer and Laughlin. The books I will open the cover and read the dates. I keep saying "You need to have someone look at this" or "You should take this into town to the bookstore" or "You should put this on Ebay". She keeps saying "Stop looking, your wasting time" or "If you want it take it. I don't have time for this". Her parents were pack rats and I can understand her not wanting to continue to pay rent when she now owns the house. I can understand it when she says you can't hold on to so much of the past that there is no room for the future but still....

I come home each time amazed at the treasure trove that is her house, saddened by the waste, and exhilerated at how much we got accomplished! So far the wrap around porch has been cleaned off, the screened lowest floor porch cleaned off, the pantry cleaned, the livingroom, den, bathroom. laundry room and all the bedrooms are sorted. What remains in them will be used in the house or like the attic will be done after she moves in. All that remains is the kitchen and the dining room.

During the week the garden has been getting it's watering and weeding. I have blossom on my tomatoes already but not my pea's - go figure. Yesterday we finished planting the beans, cucumbers, melons and corn. Hopefully we will have enough time to harvest the last two. My popcorn and broom corn are already knee high. I pulled the spinach and planted beets.

In fiber news, I continue to card the alpaca and mohair and I think I have enough carded to finish this bobbin and then I can ply. I started carding up some of Bozo the Romanov and he is very bouncy, I can't wait to spin him. I am mailing the finns out today for processing. I finished the stocking and have been knitting bottle socks for the kids water bottles.

Today is the last day of school and the kids are very excited. I was too until I realized things would not calm down for two more weeks. The little man has boy scout camp next week and #2 daughter has girl scout camp the following week....I need to plan things better and get it done in the same week! Little man got a surprise from his big sister and got to go to a concert Wednesday night, he was extremely happy to say the least.

The ducklings are getting big, the pigs bigger. The roaster chicks will go next week as they are eating me out of house and home. Last years roamed all over, this years just sit and wait for you to feed them, which I need to go do. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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cyndy said...

Bozo the Romo is beautiful!

Those bottle socks sound interesting! I would like to see the pattern---remind me?

Thanks for the chicks- they are doing well (anxious to go out with the big girls)!