Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I had to do my work today!

I meant to do my work today,
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.--Richard Le Gallienne (1866-1947)

Every morning I do have the same bird singing (aka yelling) at me, she has a nest in one of the birdhouses on the fence post. She gets pretty loud! Then mom found this little dandy in her red maple treeWe will have to be careful going to turn on the hose if it is needed. I would love to take the day and watch them coming too and fro tending their nests and feeding their babies but the chores are calling loud and clear. But first I am going to catch every one up of the happenings around here...

We drove little man to DD#1's house on Wednesday as she was taking him to a concert. On the way home we stopped at Farmer Dave's and he had a new addition. When I first saw her I thought she had a coat on but she doesn't. He said she is the ugliest thing he has ever seen, his wife loves her. I think I have to agree with him but then again I would think that she would spin up kinda cool!

Saturday we finally got rain. It was a nice thunderstorm which knocked the power out for a couple of hours but was desperately needed. It was cool watching it move in, do it's thing and then the calm after the storm. The plants took off and so did the weeds! Sunday we didn't go into the garden and compact the soill and then we had dr appts. yesterday so...

This morning after taking little man to catch his ride to day camp, I saw my mother down in the big garden....about 3 hours later she finally said that was enough "for right now"! We weeded and hoed and laid down some grass clippings and hay around plants.
I have tiny little heads of broccoli, the tomatoes are blooming, the potatoes are blooming, pea's are blooming finally, and the yellow squash bloomed and has little baby squash. Can't wait to partake of our labors! The kids are getting paid to handpick the potato bugs and although they like the $$ they don't like the job..neither do I which is why I am willing to pay them!!

On the fiber front, nothing much is happening. I was out carding early yesterday evening and had company stop by to see what I was doing Hope to spin that tonight. I shipped the finn fleeces off to be washed and returned as roving. Can't wait to get that back not that I will have lots of time but for sanity reasons I will have to spin some up when it does get here, weeds be damned!

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cyndy said...

The bird nest is beautiful! So gracefully built!

And your garden looks terrific! I expect you will be picking the broccoli any day now, after all this rain!

Great to see everyone last night!