Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Living in Spring

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.~ Emily Dickinson
And as with every Spring we are living it and have no time! I didn’t make it to spinning on Friday as I loaned my car out and didn’t get it back but... I did get to spin. I woke up at 5 AM, took my wheel outside and spun. I kept spinning all day except for a walk in the woods were I happened to scare one of the natives... I had walked up there to make sure the dogwood was still there as there is a story behind it. And it was there but to high for me to get a good pic. I was spinning some wool/mohair that Grace gave me (Thanks again) and I wanted to make myself a pair of socks. I dyed some green for the pine trees that I wanted to knit into the sock but it came out gray. I used Rit and I pry used too much. So I am bummed and haven’t started them yet. But I was able to spin, the arm is still weird but it was at least workable this time. And I started another crocheted afghan.

Saturday was packing stuff up and cleaning my aunt’s house in preparation for selling it. I clean house for a friend and hadn’t done it in 3 weeks so I went on Sunday and did that. Then I came home and found out that the Xrays taken on Wednesday said that #2 daughter fractured her knee and I would have to bring her back in on Monday.

Monday we took a ride back into town, more xrays were taken and we were told the immobilizer stays on until the 28th when we have to go back for yet another appt. Tuesday she had an eye dr appt and her band concert which was amazing.

In between all this I did get some tomatoes (Thank You Cyndy) transplanted and some planted in the garden, some squash started and planted in the garden, broom corn seed planted, morning glory seed planted, marigold seeds planted, glads planted, the baby chicks moved outside into their own run, the three sheep and one goat got sheared and today before the rain came Mom and I got 140 ft of potatoes planted.

Whatelse?.?..?,,,? I also ate the very first salad out of the garden yesterday YUMMY!
And I have bird pics…lots and lots…I take the camera whenever I go into the garden and they are so accommodating at this time of year….. Tomorrow is suppose to be nice so hopefully I will be able to get the broccoli planted as it is getting big and the cabbage if I really want to push it! It is such hard work being outside listening to the birds and smelling flowers- I don't know how I do it!

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cyndy said...

Beautiful shots!! Love that tree swallow!

Thanks for the starts, the squash and red cabbage look terrific! Great to see you today, lets hope we both make it to the library for spinning on Friday!