Sunday, February 18, 2007

Who's Been Here?

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.- John Muir

When the kids were toddler's we went to an environmental program up by the lake. We picked up a book by a fellow Pennsylvanian, Lindsay Barrett George called Around the Pond: Who’s Been Here? The kids loved this book. We read it every day… several times a day to the point that they could recite the book.

I think they were drawn to the book because we took them fishing by the river and they helped picked berries from when they could walk just like the book. We use to take them for walks down a road with two streams and they would “fish” the streams. This consisted of getting a fishing rod (aka stick) and “hooking” a leaf or piece of grass(aka fish). These streams weren’t big enough to sustain fish but the kids had fun.

So yesterday I walked out to check the chicken/duck’s water and saw footsteps and it reminded me of that. So here is my Who’s Been Here…

Dog, chicken, cat, duck. Since it was nice out I decided to go walk up into the woods under the ledges

And I found...

Deer and the last I'm not sure is either a chipmunk or a field mouse as they were small and side by side. And then some tracks need no explanation.

I came down out of the woods, locked the animals in and came inside to a cup of coffee the man made for me. Life is good! We had a quiet evening so I was able to finish knitting a sock. And since this is supposedly a fiber blog I took a pic of what I have finished. I may have written about it but I need the visual for me to remember what I did do. So there is the 5 hour baby sweater (takes me about 8-10) the bonnet to match, baby socks done on the two circs (didn't like doing it that way) the man's stocking, a baby bib and a pair of socks done with the magic stripes. Everything still needs the ends woven in and to be blocked but I moved on already and started on another pair of socks. I just got to the heel flap on the second one so I should finish them today.


cyndy said...

Wow! you have been so productive always!

Hey, I saw all the same tracks around here, except for that beautiful snow angle...she didn't visit me yet...;-)

cyndy said...

make that "angel"...(sorry about the typo..)