Saturday, February 17, 2007

Morning diamonds

That which is striking and beautiful is not always good ~Ninon de L'Enclos

You can definitely say that about water. We woke up this morning to a world that sparkled.

The last picture isn't very good this small but all those little white dots looked liked diamonds just lying there.

It is hard to believe that water in it's different forms can be so beautiful yet so deadly. A gentle summer rain with a rainbow is beautiful. A horrendous thunderstorm or non stop rain with the resulting floods is anything but. A little snow on the tree's is beautiful
yet a blizzard or avalance is not. And the force of water in it's different stages is impressive to say the least. It can carve thru stonegranted it takes time, millions of year for the Grand Canyon, but this pliable substance can make mountains.

Here in the winter, what starts out as one innocent little ice chunk

can turn into one big ice jam, which if it doesn't melt slowly or gets forced down river by a melt up river can take out anything in it's path. There have been years where they have used dynamite to break it up.

Lao Tzu said “Nothing in the world is more flexible and yielding than water. Yet when it attacks the firm and the strong, none can withstand it, because they have no way to change it. So the flexible overcome the adamant, the yielding overcome the forceful."
We may not be able to change or control it but we can't live without it.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732


cyndy said...

Beautiful images Judy!

How far up river are the jams? We still have open water, but I am watching the large chunks flow by daily, soon we will just have the channels.

Want to make a bet on what day they will break?? One year when the jams broke, the whole cabin shook! And it's only water ---made solid by the cold air surrounding it...awesome....

Joyce said...

I love the look of the icy branches. The snow picture may be better if you took it from a lower angle but it is still cool. Way to go sis..........I love looking at your COOOOOOOOOOL pictures.