Thursday, January 04, 2007

Starting out in the new year

Last night was the Full Wolf Moon and it is called this because the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. Nothing was howling last night and I doubt the wolves are hungry this year because it has been so mild. I think I heard December was one of the 5th warmest in history.

I started out the new year with what I thought was a cold and now I think it is turning into a sinus infection and I will have to give in and go to the doctors. Not an auspicious beginning.

On the upside of being sick I have time to try new things. I started socks on two circs using the instructions here…
Sticking with the resolution, I have also started working on a rug using two strands of yarn, one the Lincoln I spun last year and the other the left over pieces of homespun. I am crocheting it in an oval shape. This will be an on going project when I have pieces left over. My daughter says it is ugly but I love it. She said to make sure to put it in front of the fireplace so a hot ash will get on it. She is so cruel.

And I tried to handpaint some yarn I had spun. It came out okay. I need to buy dyes and have a day of it. I have also been washing small batches of the fleeces I have. I know a guy who gives me all of his fleece for free. The bad part is that you don't know what kind of sheep they came from. He buys and sells sheep so his stock is always changing. I started working on the brown fleeces first. So far one is 4-5 inches long with no crimp and coarse while the other is only 1 1/2 inches soft with lots of crimp. I don't mind the washing or spinning but I don't like to card...we might have to send some out, after all that is not part of the resolution!

Since blogger is being so nice as to let me post a picture, this is a pic of what I finished from Christmas to New Year's Eve.

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cyndy said...

Everything looks beautiful! You can really get up the speed! I hope you feel better soon, and loose the sinus thing....