Friday, January 05, 2007

Unbelievable Weather

These are not pictures from February 23rd, 2006... I took these this AM. We have had no snow other than two dustings that melted as soon as the sun came out and it was 5o's today. But the calender says it is January so I intend to stay in the house and fiber away.

The SnowDrops

The Bleeding Heart



cyndy said...

Ok, so the snow drops are a little early...right? All I can say is that I'm not complaining! This might be the year I join the polar bears and jump in the river ;-0!!

Judy said...

I will sit on your porch with a cup of cocoa and cheer ya's on but will NOT join you!!!! Just because there is no snow doesn't mean that water isn't freezing. I am a chicken sh*t and I enjoy hot bathes over freezing swims.