Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Cold of Winter

...Please, Late Winter,
Arrive, we're waiting,
So real Winter can begin,
At full speed, steaming ahead,
Faster than the world can take it,
Late Winter... arrive...
~Viraj Bhanshaly

The cold of winter seems to have come as it was only 9.5 degrees at 7 AM this morning. We have yet to see any snow accumulation and the kids want to go sleigh riding and have snowball fights…and a snowday! I am NOT complaining as I have rather enjoyed the warmer temps.

I plan to stay inside today and try to finish the baby sweater I am knitting. I have been spinning a lot lately. Last night I found the Woolee Winder fits better on the Traveler than on the Traditional. Because of the size of our living quarters while building the house, I kept the Traditional out thinking if it got bumped into it is the older of the two and I wouldn’t get as upset but now the Traditional will be going into storage so I can take full advantage of the Winder. I finished the Corriedale and got 234 yards. Then I started spinning up the rest of the Mohair/BL blend. I just plied that and got 433 yards. I have enough roving of that blend to make an additional 400 – 500 yards. I might try some dyeing today if time allows. I really want to do some more stranded knitting and I have been looking at patterns which will work with the Stranded KAL and the Holiday Headstart KAL. I am thinking stockings might fit that bill. I bought a flyer at a yard sale two years ago. It had knit stockings and I said I would make one for everyone but had to learn to knit socks first and do more than one color. Well the stockings are intarsia and I don’t like that so I am looking more toward the one that was in Spin Off or just winging it. I have a Christmas card hanging on my bulletin board as a reminder that these have to get done this year.

The man decided he would only shave when I have a FO and he is looking pretty scraggly and feeling more and more like a porcupine so I guess I better finish the baby sweater first.

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cyndy said...

That man drives a tough bargin!!

Your wool looks great! I love those colors together...